Laura Ingraham Warns Corporations of 'Wrath of GOP' Over Georgia Voting Law

Fox News' Laura Ingraham has criticized corporate figureheads taking issue with new voting laws in Georgia and insisted they should face a backlash from those who support such legislation.

A voting rights bill was signed in Georgia in March, which limits absentee ballots, early voting, ballot drop boxes and brings in tougher voter ID requirements. This has faced staunch criticism that it will disenfranchise Black voters, with many companies wading in to the debate to outline their opposition to it.

Ingraham suggested Republicans should align against such critiques, hinting at moves to damage corporations taking a stance against the new voting laws. She branded attacks on the legislation "false," and urged Republican lawmakers to stand in unison.

"It's time to teach corporate America that if they attack Georgia, or any state like it, for doing what they did to secure their right to vote. These corporations are going to face the wrath of GOP officials as well as the tens of millions of American consumers who support them," Ingraham said.

"That means lobbyists and CEOs, they need to be told in no uncertain terms if you try to help the left rig elections, we're going to punish you."

Ingraham previously criticized Coca-Cola's CEO for speaking against the law, suggesting "patriots will choose another beverage."

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has rejected criticism of the bill and said he will "refuse to back down from this fight."

"These reforms have nothing to do with 'voter suppression' or 'Jim Crow.' The Election Integrity Act makes it easy to vote by expanding access to the polls and harder to cheat by ensuring the security of the ballot box," he wrote in an op-ed published by Fox News.

President Joe Biden is among those to criticize the legislation, with Democrats arguing it amounts to voter suppression.

"This is Jim Crow in the 21st Century. It must end. We have a moral and Constitutional obligation to act," he said in a statement. He branded the law "un-American."

"This law, like so many others being pursued by Republicans in statehouses across the country is a blatant attack on the Constitution and good conscience," Biden said.

He also advocated for legislation being pushed by Democrats titled the For the People Act, or H.R. 1—which has faced opposition from GOP lawmakers.

"I once again urge Congress to pass the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act to make it easier for all eligible Americans access the ballot box and prevent attacks on the sacred right to vote," Biden said.

Newsweek has contacted Kemp's office for comment on continued criticism of the legislation and Fox News to request further comment from Ingraham.

laura ingraham at cpac 2019
Fox News host Laura Ingraham speaks during CPAC 2019 February 28, 2019 in National Harbor, Maryland. She has criticized corporations who have questioned new voting laws in Georgia. Alex Wong/Getty Images