Laura Ingraham Praises 'Manly Man' Joe Rogan, Complains Liberals are 'Feminizing' Males

Fox News host Laura Ingraham praised podcast host Joe Rogan as an example of a "manly man" and claimed liberals were "feminizing men."

During her opening of 'The Ingraham Angle' on Friday, the Fox News host claimed liberals were working to destroy the nuclear family before she asked: "Where have all the men gone?"

Ingraham hit out at the phrase "toxic masculinity," and claimed the phrase became more prominent "around the time" the American Psychological Association (APA) issued its first-ever guidelines for practice with men and boys.

The APA said its 2019 guidelines "drew on more than 40 years of research" that showed the "traditional masculinity" was psychologically harmful.

But, Ingraham took issue with what she described as attacks on traditional masculinity before she took aim at liberals.

She said: "More people now see right through the attempt that they're making to kind of wrap their attacks on traditional gender roles around an anti-bullying campaign.

"Well, that's absurd, because real men do not bully. We know that. Real men don't beat their wives. We know that. Real men don't hurt animals or children. We know that. All decent people agree on that."

The Fox News host later said: "Today the radical left has one goal in mind. It's to destroy the underpinnings of the nuclear family by targeting the distinct parental roles that fathers and mothers play."

Ingraham then claimed the entertainment industry was playing a part in working to destroy traditional masculinity.

To illustrate her point Ingraham included a clip from the movie Daddy's Home 2 where Will Ferrell and Jonathan Lithgow play exaggerated stereotypes of an over-affectionate father and son duo.

Ingraham then praised so-called "non-effeminate men" and used best-selling author Jordan Peterson and influential podcast host Joe Rogan as examples.

She also hit out at "pajama boy," a man dressed in pajamas who was used in a 2013 advert that encouraged younger Americans to sign up for the Obamacare healthcare insurance program.

"Women want men to be men. Ingraham said. "All the pajama boy fans are shocked that young men are flocking to non-effeminate men like Jordan Peterson and they're especially furious that millions are tuning in to listen to manly men like Joe Rogan."

Newsweek has contacted Fox News for comment.

Toxic masculinity is a phrase that is sometimes used alongside the term "the patriarchy" that claims men are the dominant gender in society and that those with power oppress women as well as other males.

In its example, the APA said a 2017 analysis by Fortune in 16 of the top companies that 80 percent of all high-ranking executives were men and that the 115th Congress, which began the same year, was 81 percent male.

The APA said men were also the main victims and perpetrators of crime in the U.S and said they were 3.5 times more likely than women to die by suicide.

University of Akron professor emeritus of psychology Ronald F. Levant said: "Though men benefit from patriarchy, they are also impinged upon by patriarchy."

Conservatives have regularly weighed in on toxic masculinity, with Tucker Carlson engaging in a heated debate with a woman over the subject in 2018.

In his rant, Carlson called toxic masculinity a "made-up dumb feminist term" and was invented by a "bunch of ludicrous low-IQ academics making it up as they go along."

Ingraham praised podcast host Rogan
Laura Ingraham praised podcast host Joe Rogan as an example of a "manly man." Getty