Laura Ingraham Says Trump Had His Best Week Ever, Advises Him to 'Get Rid of the Radicals Undermining From Within'

Laura Ingraham advised President Donald Trump to "get rid of the radicals undermining from within," and called this past week his best ever following his impeachment acquittal.

On Friday, the Fox News host praised Trump for numerous accomplishments in the last couple of days. "It's not even close. This was the best week of Donald Trump's presidency on every front," she said. "He's winning on the economy, national security, judicial appointments, and even legislatively. His policies and strategies are working, and the American people are reaping huge benefits."

Ingraham also praised Trump for the firings of Lieutenant Col. Alexander Vindman and U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland.

"He now has the best cabinet that I can recall any president having in my lifetime, and as we just discussed on the show, the White House is finally doing some much needed housecleaning," she said.

She advised the president "to get rid of the radicals undermining from within," she also told him to "replace them with people who believe in your agenda."

Sondland and Vindman, two were key witnesses during Trump's impeachment hearings, were both fired on Friday. "I am grateful to President Trump for having given me the opportunity to serve, to Secretary Pompeo for his consistent support, and to the exceptional and dedicated professionals at the U.S. Mission to the European Union," Sondland said Friday.

An Army spokesperson told NBC that Vindman was reassigned to the Department of the Army.

Ingraham also showed clips of pundits doubting Trump, one wondering if it was "the end of the Trump presidency."

"I love those clips. Wrong!" she responded. "When Trump delivered the State of the Union on Tuesday, he did so with the highest approval rating of his tenure at 49 percent. By the way, that's higher than Obama's approval at the same time in 2012, and he easily, remember, Obama cruised to reelection later that year."

Ingraham praised Trump both for economic growth and new jobs, stating that Democrats' predictions were wrong. "These are the good old days, folks," she said. "Surveys are showing that Americans are happier than they've been for four decades, even happier than under Ronald Reagan. This is great news for America, which means it's terrible news for the Democrats."

Ingraham concluded by showing a clip of Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Dingell calling it "one of the worst weeks that [she] can remember."

"Now, we all know why the ladies were wearing white during the State of the Union, they're already surrendering," Ingraham said.

Fox News did not immediately respond to emailed request for comment.

President Donald Trump speaks to the media in the East Room of the White House one day after the U.S. Senate acquitted him on two articles of impeachment, on February 6, 2020 in Washington, DC. Laura Ingraham called this past week, Trump's best ever. Drew Angerer/Getty