Laura Loomer Showed Up at the Women's March, Screaming 'What About the Jews'

Laura Loomer interrupted a speaker during the Women's March in Washington D.C. on Saturday. In a video shared on Twitter, the right-wing activist appeared onstage attempting to speak over a woman standing at a podium.

Loomer shouted claims about the organizers of the march being anti-Jewish. "The Women's March does not represent Jewish people," she yelled, adding that the Women's March was a Nazi organization.

Security escorted Loomer off stage, but she didn't leave without repeatedly screaming at the crowd: "What about the Jews?"

Laura Loomer tries to grab the mic at the #WomensMarchNYC saying "what about the Jews?"

— Will Greenberg (@wrgree) January 19, 2019

Thousands arrived at the nation's capital for the third year of the rally, despite the Women's March organization spending the majority of last year in utter chaos. Top members within the organization were accused of anti-Semitism after one of the organization's founders, Vanessa Wruble, claimed she was pushed out of the group because of her Jewish heritage.

The organization's secretive financial dealings were also exposed in the midst of ongoing disputes between members and other women groups regarding the ownership and naming of the Women's March. Turmoil within the organization has led to some members requesting the resignation of the national group's co-chairs.

Loomer's antics came just a few days after the alt-right attention-seeker allegedly trespassed at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's home in Napa Valley, California. Loomer appeared in a video attempting to open Pelosi's door with three "undocumented" men she tricked into joining her crusade. The purpose of Loomer's actions, according to conspiracy theorist and blogger Jacob Wohl, who posted the video on Twitter on Thursday, was to prove Pelosi's "mansion isn't a sanctuary for illegal aliens."

Loomer, who reportedly met the men at a Home Depot parking lot and persuaded them to join her protest, convinced the men to chant "You're killing us Nancy!" after discovering the congressional leader's door was locked, according to The Daily Beast.