Lauren Boebert Says She Has Plan to Get Rid of Biden, Harris and Pelosi

Representative Lauren Boebert has suggested she has a plan to remove President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi from office.

Boebert, a Republican who represents Colorado's 3rd congressional district, told conservative commentator Glenn Beck on Tuesday that she had legislation to remove the president and vice president.

She also said on Tuesday that she supported the removal of Pelosi as speaker and possibly the impeachment of Secretary of State Antony Blinken as well following the U.S. evacuation of Afghanistan.

Boebert told Beck: "When you start thinking about impeachment and discussing that, you start going down the list. Well, do we really want President Harris? Do we really want President Pelosi?"

She was referring to the presidential line of succession. If Biden were to be impeached or resign, Harris would take his place, while if Harris were also to be removed or resign, Pelosi would be next in line.

Boebert criticized the possibility of Pelosi as president, saying: "She certainly has shown what she's done with the people's house here in Washington, D.C., I can imagine what she'd do with the White House.

"I have legislation that will be introduced to impeach both Biden and Harris," Boebert said. "And Nancy Pelosi can follow them out the freaking door. She certainly needs to be held accountable for this as well and we have called—as the Freedom Caucus—we have called on Leader McCarthy to introduce a resolution to vacate the chair."

Earlier on Tuesday, Boebert addressed the issue during a press conference held by the House Freedom Caucus.

My take on what's next for Joe Biden and the rest of his incompetent administration.

It’s time for action!

— Lauren Boebert (@laurenboebert) August 31, 2021

"The blame starts at the top, with Biden and his handpicked vice president who bragged that she was right there making the same bad decisions. And if not for her own dereliction of duty, she should be impeached for not demanding we invoke the 25th Amendment," she said.

"It is time for action, impeach Biden, impeach Kamala Harris, and throw in the secretary of state if you could get him back from vacation. Take a vote to vacate the chair, to get Nancy Pelosi the heck out of here," Boebert went on.

Removing Biden, Harris and Pelosi in quick succession would be a formidable undertaking. No president has ever been successfully removed from office through impeachment and Democrats hold majorities in the House and Senate.

Moreover, the next in line to the presidency is the Senate president pro tempore, an office currently held by 81-year-old Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont. After Leahy come members of the cabinet—all of them appointed by Biden.

Newsweek has asked Boebert's office for comment.

Boebert Attends a Freedom Caucus Press Conference
Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) speaks as other members of the Freedom Caucus listen during a news conference in front of the U.S. Capitol August 31, 2021 in Washington, D.C. Boebert has called for the president, vice president and Speaker of the House to be removed from office, Alex Wong/Getty Images