Lavish Two-Storey 'Dog House' for Golden Retriever Sparks Debate Online

A video has gone viral on TikTok which gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "being in the dog house."

In the footage, which was shared to the social media app by an account called Chipheregirl, we are afforded a tour of a luxury house which the TikToker claims is for her golden retriever.

The clip, which has more than 18.4 million views, is overlaid with text which reads: "Come decorate our new dog house with us!"

Next we're shown the two-storey house, complete with a ladder on the outside of the home, as well as slide coming out of one of the rooms.

Inside the house is wooden floors, and Christmas decorations as well as a fluffy dog bed and a netted seating area on the second floor.

The whole space is flooded with natural light owing to the many windows on all four walls of the home.

Despite what the video's claims, in the comments section Chipheregirl sought to put the record straight by explaining: "This is clearly a joke waiting on furniture to be delivered."

Since the video, which can be watched here, was posted on November 18 it has been liked by a staggering 3.9 million people and been shared 182,500 times.

The clip was also reposted by popular Instagram meme account Pubity on November 21, where it attracted a further 496,000 likes.

Many people also rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the lavish property, not realizing it was a prank.

One TikTok user, Frederikjjensen, wrote: "Dog lives better than me and doesn't even pay rent."

Another person, Lea_prod, added: "Tell me you're rich without telling me you're rich."

Irma Torres joked: "He need a roommate? I can bark."

Karlasavings revealed: "I always say 'when I die, I hope I can come back as a pet for rich people.'"

Lyndsiehenning asked: "Why is this dog's house nicer than my apartment?"

Andrea Cortez commented: "Adopt me, I can act like a dog."

However, others were not so impressed by the lavishness of the thought-to-be dog home, including Renca94 who opined: "People starving all around the world... And then there's this s*it."

Daveydankz stated: "A doggo would be much happier on a mattress on the floor as long as they're right beside their best friend."

Shannipantzz shared: "I'm all for spoiling pups, but this is dumb, the only place a dog wants to be is with their people."

Stancezar_09 questioned: "Why would you do this just for an animal?"

Golden retriever
A stock image of a golden retriever. On TikTok a woman shared a tour of a new home, claiming it was for her pet. Getty Images