In-Laws Slammed for Inviting Themselves to Stay With Heavily Pregnant Woman

A heavily pregnant woman has slammed her in-laws for trying to invite themselves over to stay for four nights, right before the baby is born.

The mom-to-be vented her frustration over her family on Mumsnet under the username ReadytoShip, as she revealed she was 35 weeks pregnant.

Unsurprisingly, ReadytoShip claimed she wasn't sleeping anymore due to "PGP, severe back and hip pain, sciatica, weeing 11 x a night," and was due to go on maternity leave next week.

ReadytoShip has a C-section booked for August 2 and had been hoping to use the next few weeks to prepare for the birth, explaining she and her husband haven't had a chance.

File photo of pregnant woman.
A file photo of a pregnant woman. A mom-to-be has slammed her in-laws inviting themselves over to stay. Eva Blanco/Getty Images

"My plan for when I go off on maternity leave is to start getting everything ready and also rest as I am just utterly exhausted now and feel unable to function most days," ReadytoShip said.

But her brother-in-law had other ideas, as he invited himself, his wife and their two young children to stay from July 25th to the 28th.

ReadytoShip fumed: "They are lovely, we've had them to stay a few times before but it is so full on with the 2 young children and it's me constantly running around, tidying up, putting things away, making up the bedrooms etc.

"I just cannot face doing that at the moment and the thought of having to give up 4 days to entertain them all, especially in the evenings when all I want to be doing is nesting and relaxing makes me want to weep."

ReadytoShip's husband relayed that to his brother who wasn't pleased, as she continued: "BIL [brother-in-law] didn't react well (which is unlike him) he said that this is the second time they've holidayed in the area (we live in a touristy area) and not been able to stay with us and that I'm being 'a bit precious' he said they're trying not to take offense but it's seeming like we just don't want to have them to stay.

"Apparently he has huffily just texted DH [darling husband] to say they've booked an Airbnb now for those days here."

ReadytoShip explained the in-laws had previously visited the area at Easter, but the mom-to-be was having the kitchen redone so the "building site" wasn't suitable for kids.

"It was bad enough us having to deal with that for 3 weeks, let alone add anyone else into the mix too! To be fair they were understanding that time and again, just booked into an Airbnb," she added.

But ReadytoShip asked for advice over rejecting the family visit, adding: "I now feel really guilty that they feel we don't want them staying here, we saw a lot of them at Easter even though they weren't staying here and obviously we'll try and see them as much as possible this time too, even if it's more DH and me.

"AIBU [Am I being unreasonable] and overly precious as suggested? I'm just honestly in so much pain, so irritable and snappy and I just can't deal with the thought of having guests, especially those with 2, boisterous young children a week before my c section."

According to the NHS in the U.K., where the mom is thought to be based, the third trimester starts at 28 weeks.

It explained women commonly experience heartburn and indigestion, due to hormones affecting the digestive system.

"Your back will also be under strain, due to the extra weight you're carrying around. Your joints and ligaments will also be looser than usual.

I'm just honestly in so much pain, so irritable and snappy and I just can't deal with the thought of having guests."

"Your ankles, feet and face could be puffing out a bit, particularly when it's hot," it said.

Other common symptoms include nosebleeds, swollen and bleeding gums, trouble sleeping, headaches, bloating, dizziness, leg cramps, and piles.

It advised: "Rest can help with a lot of your symptoms, so make sure you get lots of it."

ReadytoShip's post has amassed more than 120 replies since being posted on Tuesday, as people assured her that her feelings were valid.

Maslinpan raged: "Your BIL is being completely thoughtless. But then he's never experienced pregnancy, so he can go boil his head."

Tigerbear commented: "Honestly OP [original poster], just ignore him. You owe him nothing. Your DH needs to tell him that neither of you should feel guilted into anything at such a stressful time."

HannahSternDefoe said: "It's not you, it's your BIL wanting a "free" holiday."

GreenRainbowSun wrote: "You are not being precious at all. They are being inconsiderate even asking so close to your due date. For all you know the baby could arrive then."

HangOnToYourselthought: "He is a CF who wants a free holiday. He isn't offended he is sulking because he has to pay. It's not your responsibility so provide free accommodation to anyone. What if baby arrives early ffs."

While Britneyisfree added: "They sound annoying tbh. They aren't entitled to stay just because they like the location!!!"

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