'Lazy' Horse 'Plays Dead' Whenever People Try to Ride It in Resurfaced Viral Video

A viral video that showed a "lazy" horse playing dead recently resurfaced, and the internet is in stitches.

The video, found here, was shared in Reddit's "Animals Being Derps" forum on Thursday by u/BadGirlNila. Already, the post has received more than 27,000 upvotes and over 400 comments.

In the video—which was originally posted to YouTube in 2019 by Kritter Klub—a horse named Jingang can be seen dramatically falling to the ground whenever a person attempts to mount and ride it.

One frame even shows Jingang sprawled out on the ground with his tongue sticking out of his mouth.

"I'm Jingang and I'm so good at acting," read the video's text overlay.

In the video's title, Kritter Klub referred to Jingang as "lazy."

At one point, Jingang sits up when he thinks he's alone. Of course, when a rider calls Jingang's name and runs toward him, the horse falls back onto the ground and starts bucking his legs.

The video ends with Jingang smiling mischievously at the camera.

"This horse deserves an Oscar for faking dead," wrote Kritter Klub in the video's description on YouTube.

Jingang isn't the first horse to go viral for playing dead.

In December 2020, a horse named Violet grabbed Twitter's attention when her owner, Carly Anne York, tweeted: "If you think having animals isn't like having children, Violet just played dead because I made her wear a coat."

A picture attached to the tweet showed Violet lying in the grass with her coat on.

"I have had Violet for 13 years and she has always been a drama queen," York told McClatchy News.

In 2016, a Texas couple was notified by their electrical contractor that he'd found a dead horse on their property while working, USA Today reported.

But the horse, Pinto, wasn't dead—he was just pretending to be.

The couple shared a video of "dead" Pinto on Facebook that went on to receive more than 38,000,000 views; however, the video has since been removed.

Commenters of u/BadGirlNila's Reddit post loved Jingang and were in hysterics over his antics.

"A true performer," wrote u/Seank814.

"I love him so much. He's f**king hilarious. I wouldn't want to give people rides either," said u/That_Tie7838.

"The leg up acting killed me," commented u/radingpro55.

"It's the d**n smile for me, followed by 'I'm coming Jingang.' I love him and support his NOPE attitude," added u/sobayarea.

"His tongue lolled out is perfection," said u/allisnwundrland, to which u/elleblock responded: "With the eyes rolled back...Genius."

Resting horse
A viral video that shows a “lazy” horse playing dead recently resurfaced, and the internet can't help but laugh. The original video was posted to YouTube in 2019. andreipugach/istock