'League of Legends' Aphelios Abilities: Understanding the Complicated Lunari and his Weapons

Aphelios, the latest League of Legends champion, might be the most complicated of any released in the MOBA so far. The Lunari marksman has five weapons that he cycles throughout the game, changing abilities depending on which gun he's holding. Players will have a lot to micromanage while playing but will be rewarded with a champion that is unpredictable. A primer including all of Aphelios' skills has been released by Riot Games but here's a rundown of what exactly you need to know.

aphelios league of ;legends kit abilities
Here is the complicated kit of Aphelios Riot Games

'League of Legends' Aphelios Abilities

When the Lunari attacked, Aphelios and his sister managed to hold them off by melding minds and sharing their pain. His kit is an extension of that pain, forcing you to micromanage five different guns, each with their own limited ammo and unique abilities.

Each one of his guns has 30 ammo and when depleted will switch off to the next gun in the order. You also equip an off-hand gun, which deals bonus damage and adds extra bonuses. He also doesn't have the full four abilities like everyone else, being stuck with only a Q and R ultimate (his W switches between his main and off-hand weapon).

Unlike other champions, Aphelios doesn't even level up those abilities. Instead of upgrading with skill points, he can choose to level up three different stat attributes: attack damage, attack speed and bonus armor penetration. Depending on the enemy team composition and where things are going, these stats can really impact change your build path.

Here are the five guns that Aphelios can cycle through in their order:

Calibrum- Poke/Harass

When his abilities (like his Q and Ultimate) damage enemies, they are marked. When marked enemies are hit with a basic attack, they get dealt extra AoE damage.

Q: Moonshot- Fire a skillshot that damages the first unit hit and marks them.

Moonlit Vigil- Moonlight Vigil's follow-up attacks mark all enemies hit. These marks deal higher damage when consumed.

Severum- Lifesteal

Basic attacks heal and overhealing is turned into a shield.

Q: Onslaught- Gain movement speed and attack the nearest enemy with both main and off-hand weapons.

Moonlit Vigil- Heal Aphelios.

aphelios league of ;legends kit abilities
The five guns of Aphelios Riot Games

Gravitum- Slows

Apply a slow to enemies hit.

Q: Eclipse- Damage and root all enemies who are suffering the effects of the gun's slow.

Moonlit Vigil- Follow-up attacks apply an even stronger slow.

Infernum- AoE Flamethrower

Deals increased damage in a cone spray.

Q: Duskwave- Create a wave of energy, damaging enemies. Then, hit all enemies with your off-hand weapon.

Moonlit Vigil- Follow-up attacks create damage circles around enemies hit.

Crescendum- Close Range DPS

Lowest range of Aphelios' weapons, acts like a boomerang.

Q: Sentry- Create a turret.

Moonlit Vigil- If Moonlight Vigil hits fewer than three enemies, its follow up attacks still increase the damage of Crescendum's basic attacks as if at least three enemies were hit.

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