'League of Legends' Eternals Guide: Prices & How to Use Paid Achievements

Eternals, the latest way to show off your champion skills in League of Legends, has finally been released. The mastery system that's gone through multiple reworks over the past year is finally available to players who want to show off how many Lee Sin kicks they've landed or how many of Annie's Tibbers have wiped out entire teams.

league of legends eternals guide buy
My Anivia Starter Series Eternals, I've got dragons to slay Riot Games

How League of Legends Eternals Works

At launch, there will be two different series to purchase that contain the Eternal stat collectors. These sets can contain one of two different types of Eternals for one specific champion:

  • Common Eternals- The basic option is the same for every champion. It counts the epic monsters you've killed (Dragon, Baron or Rift Herald), towers you've destroyed and enemies you've taken down. This set needs to be purchased for each individual champion for either 225 RP or 2,500 Blue Essence. You can also purchase a Starter Series Eternal Pass, which contains sets for every champion in the game for 1,350 RP or 1,4750 Blue Essence.
  • Unique Eternals- In order to know the specific stats per champion, like how much healing you've done with Darius' Decimate or the total distance traveled with Kayn's Shadow Step, you'll need to purchase a Series One set. They contain three different Unique Eternals for that specific champion. A set of three costs for one champion costs 600 RP, or you can buy a Season One pass for 5,850 RP.
league of legends eternal guide buy
All six League Eternal types currently available in set one Riot Games

Each Eternal is broken up into one of six different categories:

  • Empress- Dominating your opponent
  • Guide- Helping you or allies win
  • Protector- Keeping allies alive
  • Trickster- When you are playing mind games (think Leblanc clone)
  • Warden- Crowd controlling enemies
  • Warrior- Decimating opponents.


You can find the full list of every Unique Eternal currently available for every champion in the game right here. Everyone has three, meaning there are 435 different types one can purchase.

Once you have an Eternal, you can now use it to catalog what you've done with a champion. Each Eternal set has milestones that can be reached to earn rewards. For example, killing three Epic Monsters once you've purchased the Common Eternals moves you up to the next rank. Completing five of these milestones allows you to track your "personal best" scores for that stat. Hitting 15 milestones across any of the Eternals in a set unlocks an upgraded Mastery Emote with flames all around it.

When you hit a specific milestone in-game, like knocking 50 enemies away with an Anivia wall, a prompt will display for all players. Your Eternal skills will also be available in the loading screen, where currently you can see the enemy's level and champion they are playing, and in your opponent's death screen after you take them out.

Eternal Capsules

Throughout the ranked seasons, players will be gifted Eternal Capsules as an additional reward. They contain orange essence as well as two random set shards, that, when combined, unlock an Eternal set for a specific champion.

Eternals are basically paid achievements that allow you to track your stats. If that's something you might be interested in, then you can currently purchase these Eternal sets on live servers.

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