'League of Legends' 9.3 Patch Notes: 4 Things You Need to Know

League of Legends patch 9.3 nerfs some of the game's recent reworked champions, buffs marksmen items and fixes some major game-breaking bugs. The MOBA's last two patches have been fairly tame, so Riot Games decided to make this patch feel a little more special. Irelia, Attrox and Akali have all been huge in the competitive scene and ranked ladder, knocking out older champions who might not do the "AD Bruiser" style as well. This patch attempts to keep these champions from being first-pick nightmares while still letting them keep most of their sharpness.

league of legends patch notes 9.3 stormrazor rework
Akali lost her turret invisibility Riot Games

Here are four things you really need to know from the League of Legends 9.3 patch notes.

Aatrox- The darkin with the sword that's larger than his body has become one of the best mid laners in League . He has reasonably large range for a melee champion, and can clear waves without using any mana or a resource bar. He's like Riven, but significantly better. Riot Games wants to clip his wings with some major nerfs in just the right places. He no longer heals from dealing damage to minions and no longer stores Umbral Dash stacks, but the phase ability does recharge quicker and his base health regen has been increased.

Akali- The ninja lost in a shroud of darkness has become a must pick or ban AP champion. The amount of damage this shuriken chucker can output is stupid, easily blowing up champions in the mid-to-late game. If you manage to survive and think you can take her down, you are in for some bad luck when you lose her in her Shroud of Darkness. Her cloak will no longer conceal her from turrets, a much needed nerf to save players from early game tower dives.

Irelia- She might not have the same protection or brute strength as the other reworked champions, but she makes up for it in maneuverability and crowd control. Irelia has always been a fan of knives, but her rework turned her prickly thorns into tank crushing blades. Her Ionian Fervor passive now grants attack speed rather than damage but her blade surge deals more damage to minions.

Stormrazor- Marksman items got some major tweaks this patch to try and give AD champions a bit more oomf. Stormrazor was one of those items that crit-based champions loves but wasn't really useful on anything else. The rework of this item has basically turned it into a must buy on champions with range. Caitlyn has an even higher range and now slows enemies with a few of her autos. That's pretty OP.

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