'League of Legends' Remilia Blames Chris Badawi On Twitter For Her Ongoing Medical Issues

League of Legends pro Maria "Remilia" Creveling went to Twitter to explain why she's been gone from the esports scene. In a heartbreaking series of emotional tweets, Remilia explained she's been in extreme pain for the past three years, ever since a botched gender reassignment surgery left her "entire pelvic area riddled with with permanent numbness and intense nerve damage."

A support known for her superb Thresh, Remilia made a name for herself on the Challenger ladder by showing everyone how a hook was supposed to be thrown. Remilia joined Renegades in 2015 and helped the team make it into the NA LCS. According to Remilia's tweets, team owner Chris Badawi promised that if she helped get the team into the LCS, he would help her get the gender reassignment surgery. Her therapist, Badawi's mom , signed off on the letter needed to undergo the operation in Thailand.

According to Badawi's statement released on reddit, the pair traveled to Thailand because all American hospitals had a two-year waiting period and Remilia wanted her surgery done before she appeared on the NA LCS stage. The surgery cost Badawi $8,500 cash, and he stayed by her side during the recovery.

When Remilia came back from her surgery, she said the pain was "absolutely unbearable" while she was on stage playing in Renegades. Richard Lewis, an esports reporter, noticed how unwell she was and eventually took her to Atlanta where she would see another doctor and learn about the severity of her nerve damage. Her tweets seem to indicate that she blames Badawi, in part, for the ongoing medical issues she's enduring as a result of the surgery he arranged.

Badawi has a checkered past. He was originally banned from owning a League of Legends team after Riot Games Discovered his attempts to poach Team Liquid's players while he worked at Misfits. A year later Riot discovered his involvement with Renegades and the unfortunate treatment of it's players, which resulted in a permanent ban from all League of Legends esports.

Remilia's tale is one of tragedy, but her life isn't over yet. Fans everywhere hope she finds a cure for her ailment and goes back to slinging Thresh hooks soon.