'League of Legends' Senna and Thresh Quest: A Soul for a Soul Has Players Worried

Senna is the latest champion headed to League of Legends, combining the roles of support and marksmen. Lucian's wife has a long history in the game's lore, being stuck inside the maniacal Thresh's lantern since the gunslinger was released in 2013. With her newfound freedom and corrupted skills, she's built up quite a rivalry with the chain warden, which has been implemented through different interactions in the game.

league of legends senna thresh quest
Senna is on the PBE and has a very powerful quest Riot Games

Thresh and Senna have unique voice lines when they see each other for the first time and it's clear she's holding onto a major grudge. "Lucian may think you're the enemy, but to me Thresh, you're only in the way" are the lines of a true, cold-blooded killer. Like some of the MOBA's other lore rivalries, Senna and Thresh have a unique in-game quest that unlocks when each are on the opposing team.

Senna and Thresh Quest

When the pair are in the same game, a quest activates, called "Oh the eternity we shall spend together" for Thresh and "Sentinels of light don't fear the dark." According to reddit, this quest activates when Senna rips out Thresh's soul. If Senna or Lucian manage to strike Thresh up to three seconds before he dies, all of his souls get depleted and go to Senna, granting her 30 AP and 30 Armor. If Thresh manages to take down Senna, he takes all of her soul and gains 40 Attack Damage, 50 attack range and 30 percent critical strike chance.

Reddit posts about the quest still seem unsure about its legitimacy or how to properly activate it. After hours of queue dodging, I finally managed to get into a game as Thresh with Senna on the opposing team. I spent the whole game on the PBE farming up souls and managed to reach 100 by the 15-minute mark without the quest activating and my team forfeited shortly after.

Senna is still only on the PBE, so everything about her kit and how she works can change. Right now, this version of the quest seems extremely broken for the match-up. Thresh gains armor and ability power for his souls and either doubling or depleting him of them will drastically affect the game. The Lissandra/ Ashe quest gives one of the champions a cosmetic crown that doesn't affect gameplay. Rengar and Kha'Zix also have a quest that requires lots of killing and isn't easy to accomplish.

Newsweek has reached out to Riot Games on the legitimacy of the quest and whether it will be implemented into the game this way. Riot Games has not yet responded.