'League of Legends' New K-Pop Skins Revealed: K/DA Will Rock the World?

Dim the lights, set the stage and get your autotune ready: new K-Pop skins are coming to League of Legends. Celebrating the World Championship currently taking place in South Korea, these five skins represent the best dance group on Summoner's Rift. K/DA, the best band next to Pentakill, is comprised of Ahri, Evelyn, Akali and Kai'Sa, each with their own unique VFX and particle effects. The skins seemed to be based on the popular K-Pop dance group BlackPink, but my limited knowledge of the scene keeps me from proving this theory.

This is the second popstar skin for Ahri because who could resist her charm? Stepping up to the stage with a fox tail and knee-high boots is enough to jumpstart you to superstardom. Fans online have been loving these skins, but some have complained about Ahri's second K-Pop cosmetic. Janna is stuck wearing a witch hat and broom while the rest of League's strongest females are enjoying a limo ride straight to their show.

There's also an exclusive K/DA Prestige edition skin for Kai'Sa that can only be earned by completing World Championship missions. The skin exchanges the dark purple for a bright white and yellow that makes her shine like a star. It's the most unique Chroma we've ever seen, completing changing the VFX and look of the skin. I'll be buying it… for research.

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K/DA League of Legend skins will hit the PBE soon and should go live in the next couple of weeks. Nothing says "come watch our World Championship" like a brand new in-game supergroup to buy.

'League of Legends' New K-Pop Skins Revealed: K/DA Will Rock the World? | Tech & Science