'League of Legends' World Championship Missions Guide: Unlock Items by Watching Games (UPDATE)

Update: Riot Games has released all of the information about Worlds missions and how you can unlock these items.

League of Legends players will be able to earn special rewards by watching the World Championship. Starting on Sept. 30 and running until Nov. 30, users can watch games on the lolesports website to unlock items like "icons, chromas, borders and more," according to the post on the League website.

How To Unlock League of Legends World Championship Missions

  • During World Championship games, log onto the watch.lolesports website with your League account info. (Make sure to pick the region you're located in, there's nothing worse than losing out on rewards because of a dropdown menu.)
  • You'll only be able to earn rewards by watching on the League website. In the future, Riot Games wants to add integration to sites like YouTube and Twitch. Hopefully, Twitch drops will be integrated sometime soon, because Twitch chat is a crucial part of the League viewing experience.
  • Once you're in, you'll see the list of missions you currently have. After just 10 minutes watching a game, you'll unlock your first reward. You can either watch the games live or as a VoD, but rebroadcasts will not count.
  • Missions can range from just watching matches to playing with champions used at the World Championship in ranked or standard games.
  • In the future, Riot Games will offer rewards for those on mobile or who can't watch on the website. "Later on we hope to add several more mission trees, exclusive rewards, and support for viewers who are watching outside of LoLEsports.com," the post said. "We want to keep innovating on how we deliver these missions, how they look and feel, and the rewards you get once completed."

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