'League of Legends' Party Guide: How to Use Voice Chat

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Voice chat might be the most requested feature League has ever had. Riot Games

League of Legends is adding a Party system, allowing players on your friends list to automatically join your group for ranked, flex, draft or normal play without any need for invites. In Patch 8.6, members of your team will be able to voice chat directly inside the client, a first for League . Sadly, voice comms only work on this mode, so you won't be able to flame your feeding ADC or commend your jungler for doing a good job.

How To Use League of Legends Parties

When you pick a queue, whether it be for ranked or normals, a list of open spots appears next to your name wherever it appears on a friends list. If they press the button next to your name, they can join your queue without any problem. Unfortunately, if you don't want a friend to team with you, you'll have to manually kick them from the lobby. For example, I have plenty of Yasuo mains on my friends list that are great guys but they are hard stuck Silver and I don't want them playing in my ranked placements.

If you don't want a specific player to join your Party, the only option right now is to remove them from your friends list. It's an oversight by Riot Games that will hopefully be fixed in the near future.

Queue restrictions, like having more than three players on Twisted Treeline and Ranked Flex with four players, still take effect.

Voice Chat

When Patch 8.6 rolls out sometime in the next few weeks, members of your Party will be able to communicate using their microphones. If you join a game with other players who aren't in your Party, they won't be able to hear you so feel free to talk as much smack as you want. If you need to change the volume so you can hear them (or shut them up), just press Tab.

I'll still be using Discord to talk to my friends who might be in other games, but it's still a fun option to have.

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