Leaked 'Fortnite' Skins: Dataminers Find Tomato Faces and Fish in New Update Code

German data miners have uncovered four new Fortnite skins. Twitter user TwoEpicBuddies posted the screenshot of the skins alongside pickaxes, backpacks and gliders onto their account, where it was quickly discovered by the Fornite subreddit. There's no hard proof these leaks are legit, since scouring the code for Epic's battle royale is impossible without a uniquely created program or code. Still, they look pretty authentic, so let's suspend disbelief and take a look.

Some of the skins are fairly normal and fit in perfectly alongside the rest of Fortnite 's crazy wardrobe options. There's a dinosaur onesie, complete with a grabby-hand dinosaur-head pickaxe and inflatable triceratops backpack. In another look, a cyberpunk hacker sports a futuristic pickaxe and glider. The other cosmetics in the pile are far more interesting.

Just take a look at that tomato-faced cretin and try not to be filled with horror, whimsy and awe. The skin itself was actually recommended by a member of the reddit community, tursoboi, who posted a vision he (or she) had for a skin. That grinning fruit is straight out of an H.R. PufnStuf episode, not something I can say for any of the other Fortnite skins.

My favorite skin, which I truly hope isn't a hoax, is the fishbowl head on the outer left. Replacing your head with a globe that's slightly bigger sounds like a bad idea when you care about strategy and winning, but thankfully I don't. I just want to squish that little fishy face, even if it looks like something that popped out of a primordial wasteland. It's a unique skin that adds a bit of flavor to Fortnite without disgracing the game's aesthetic.

If these skins ever do release, I won't be surprised if they cost at least 2,000 Vbucks.

Leaked 'Fortnite' Skins: Dataminers Find Tomato Faces and Fish in New Update Code | Gaming