'Leave 'Em on Read': Woman Slams Hinge Match Who Only Talked About Himself

A woman slammed a man on a dating app in a new viral video that has been seen almost 600,000 times.

After matching with a man on Hinge, @itskyra.notkyra began to notice that she was asking all the questions and getting none in return. She explained how he only talked about himself the entire time they were messaging. The video currently has over 70,000 likes and 1,000 comments.

"The best thing just happened to me," she began. "I matched with this guy for almost a week, since last Sunday, I have not been asked a single thing. I have asked every question he has given me answers and no more. I have carried the whole thing by myself."

She showed other Tiktok users the entire conversation so far in a screen recording from her phone showing proof that this conversation is one-sided.

She then decided to make a joke about how she will have to book a doctor appointment due to her "wrecked" knees. When he didn't understand, she replied with, "Oh they're just mangled after carrying this entire conversation by myself.

Written on the screen at the end of the video, the woman said that he was "impressed" by the "savage burn."

talking on a dating app
A video has gone viral on Tiktok after a woman slammed Hinge match after "carrying" their entire conversation. marchmeena29/iStock / Getty Images Plus

In a second video pertaining to the conversation, she showed users his exact words after she "burned" him. He replied that he "held up" the conversation when speaking about a country he visited adding he'd been busy with work and isn't social much.

"It's the fact that he actually thought he was contributing to the conversation... in what world?" she wondered.

"You're busy?" she slammed the man. "I'm a full time student, fight me. If you don't have time to talk why are you on his app?"

"Men do that all the time.. I think it's because they honestly believe that having a conversation just involves talking about themselves," @Abby explained.

"Girl. Why did it take a week for that? Don't waste that much time when you probably knew his pattern day 1," @Jennifer questioned.

In response, the Tiktoker wrote, I gave the benefit of the doubt for 3 days, and then had to make this dream come tru commitment to the bit."

"my rule is never reply to a text unless there's a question. leave em on read,"

@itskyra.notkyra responded. "Doing this from now on!"

"It cannot even be called a conversation," @Karine stated.

In the replies, @itskyra.notkyra wrote, "Right?? And like, the only thing I put in my profile for 'what are you looking for?' is EFFORT."

Newsweek has reached out to @itskyra.notkyra for comment.