'Leave Me Alone': Woman Followed and Harassed by Man in Alarming Viral Video

Footage of a woman being followed and openly harassed by a man has sparked a wider discussion around the importance of respecting boundaries.

In a video uploaded to TikTok by loreboree, a woman in a black t-shirt can be seen being closely followed by a man in a white long-sleeved shirt and green trucker hat.

She is heard repeatedly telling the man: "Leave me alone."

Undaunted, he continues to follow closely behind her. "Just talk to me for two minutes and I'll leave you alone," he can be heard saying.

Within seconds, he appears to change tack and begins verbally attacking her choice of attire.

"Why are you dressed like that?" he is heard asking. "Are you a prostitute? I'm serious."

She responds with a curt: "Sir, please leave" before the video ends.

The video chronicling the encounter has been viewed more than 4.7 million times on social media, prompting a flood of responses on TikTok.

The video can be viewed here.

A small section of those commenting on the video spoke up in support of the man. "Maybe if u just talked to him," @tyler_noname wrote.

But the majority of those responding to the clip hit out at the man's behavior and condemned those speaking up in support of his actions.

"The people defending him are guilty of the same behavior," said NDanielle1819. "She does not have to talk to him if she doesn't want to," shortystayposted agreed.


Repost after this happened ! I can’t believe my account got taken down trying to spread awareness!

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"No is a full sentence," added marilyn_murcury. Jess5359 said: "At this point we just gotta bark at them so they'll understand it in their own language." Asian_luvr, meanwhile, asked rhetorically: "Why do males think it's okay to talk to or approach females outside of their own family and friends?"

In a follow-up video which has been viewed more than 1.4 million times, the harassment is seen continuing. The man can be seen asking her, once again, for "two minutes" so he can talk to her.

She reiterates that she wants him to leave her alone stating that she will talk to him for "zero minutes."

"I can't live here anymore because you stalk me," she says. "Please, God bless you but please leave me alone."

According to a caption that appears on the screen, the man in the video has allegedly been following the woman around for four years.

On this occasion, the woman says she was helped by a passing couple who ended up walking her to her car. Writing in the onscreen text, loreboree said she posted the video to "spread awareness."

Newsweek has contacted loreboree for commented.

The incident is one of several recent examples of men being filmed harassing women in public.

A few days earlier, another man ended up losing his job after he was filmed criticizing a group of bikini-clad women over their outfits.

A woman being followed by a man.
Stock photo of a woman being followed by a man. A viral video of a woman being followed by a man has sparked a discussion online. MachineHeadz