NBA Rumors: LeBron James Bringing Carmelo Anthony, Paul George to Cleveland Cavaliers for Next Superteam?

LeBron James rejects the idea he's ever played on a "superteam"—despite numerous protestations to the contrary—but he may just be about to form one.

ESPN reports the Cleveland Cavaliers tried to do a three-way deal heading into the 2017 draft that would have sent Paul George to Cleveland. Kevin Love would have gone to Denver, with the Nuggets giving the Indiana Pacers draft picks and young players for a rebuild. George has indicated he has no desire to stay in the Midwest past next summer, when he can walk away from his Pacers contract.

That's interesting enough on its own. It seems the Cavaliers are determined to do everything they can to convince James that he doesn't have to opt out of his deal next summer to go and form his mooted superteam with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Cavaliers may not be willing to stop at acquiring George, either.

The same report claims Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade would be interested in going to the Cavaliers this summer if they can manage to buy themselves out of their contracts.

Anthony has one of the NBA's heftiest contracts: He's set to earn $26,243,760 in 2017-2018 with the Knicks, which missed the playoffs last season with 51 losses.

The Cavaliers still don't have a general manager following the departure of David Griffin. The Knicks were reportedly trying to trade Kristaps Porzingis away, only no one wanted to take Joakim Noah in the deal.

It's a little simpler in Cleveland. The Cavaliers are in a position to win, but James needs better talent to take to the Golden State Warriors when Cleveland inevitably advances out of the Eastern Conference again.

Perhaps the only way to stop James taking his desire for another title to Los Angeles is to give him that talent. A move for George would also put a spanner in any plans he has to go to the Lakers next summer, which he reportedly desires.

Can a starting five of James, Kyrie Irving, Anthony, Wade and George work? Isn't that exactly the kind of superteam James doesn't want to think he's playing on? How insanely difficult would these deals be to pull off in real life and not on the latest NBA game? And most importantly, who doesn't want to see this team take to the court?