NBA Rumors: How LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and Lonzo Ball Could All Be Teammates in 2018

We are yet to even gain a halfway decent inkling as to how Lonzo Ball will do as a point guard in the NBA—and no, summer league basketball doesn't count, as impressive as he was at times.

Still, the hype surrounding Ball and the constant buzz around the Los Angeles Lakers means the rookie is being made a part of Dream Teams before he has even started a regular-season game. The latest report comes from, and it should get Lakers fans very excited indeed while remembering that there is almost no chance this actually happens as perfectly as described.

Russell Westbook, Metro notes, is approaching the October 16 deadline for signing a "supermax" contract extension with the Oklahoma City Thunder. The 2016-17 regular-season M.V.P. is out of contract with the Thunder in the summer of 2019 but he can test free agency next summer.

As can LeBron James.

Now, the Thunder have bent over backwards to keep Westbrook. They signed Paul George on a rental this past summer and just added Carmelo Anthony at the power-forward position. They look like a contender again in the Western Conference, at least for a season.

But that still may not be enough to keep Westbrook, especially if the rumors and reports turn into reality and James decides to spend the final portion of his career in a city where he has business interests.

In that case, there is a possibility that the Thunder are just incubating the Westbrook-George partnership in a laboratory before both hop across to a bigger, if far more recently dysfunctional, franchise.

While the Lakers have Ball on a rookie contract, they can probably just about find a way to fit three more superstars around the salary cap. It sounds extraordinary to be talking in these terms when Ball could still be a bust, but this may be too tempting a proposition for Magic Johnson to ignore.