'Legends of Runeterra' Beta Decks: The Best Cards to Grind through the Prologue

Legends of Runeterra is currently out for the next week for a select few players hand-picked by Riot Games. If you haven't already applied for the beta, you can do so on the game's website through your League of Legends account. Once you log in, you'll have access to three premade decks to comprehend. The fun part of a card game is building decks with new cards and experimenting, but Legends of Runeterra does not let you skip to that part.

legends of runeterra best decks
Legends of Runeterra is in beta Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra Prologue

In order to unlock new cards, you need to complete games and earn experience. Completing objectives, like playing a certain number of units from a faction or destroying enemies, gives you a boost in experience that can help you get the cards you want. Each win nets you 100 experience and each loss accrues 50 experience, which constantly moves you ahead on the progression bar. You start off in the Prologue that grants you important cards for decks that you need to progress. By the end of the Prologue, you should have a solid collection of champions and dust that allows you to craft a 40-card deck.

Once you beat the Prologue, you'll have progress bars for each of the six factions. Earning experience now grants you specific chests full of cards unique to that faction. You can switch factions at any time if you want to try and make something else. I'm currently grinding the Frejlord and seeing if I can make an Anivia burn deck work out.

Try experimenting with cards and decks, while expecting to lose a lot. It's unlikely your progress from this beta stage will carry over when the game fully releases in 2020, so don't be afraid to have some fun with it.

Legends of Runeterra Decks

If you'd rather not experiment and just jump straight to having a solid deck of your own to mess around, here are a few examples from streamers.

Fiora OTK- Disguised Toast is one of the foremost experimenters when it comes to card games. He's broken Hearthstone multiple times and changed the way those metas are developed. For Runeterra, he's doing the same and trying to come up with the wackiest decks one can imagine. Here's a Fiora deck that's entire purpose is to build up Barriers to keep the duelist alive.

Phreak Loves Spiders - League's most "interesting" caster is back at it with Runeterra experimentation. He's been using a spider deck that might seem a bit out of character for the cheerful host. Its stuns and aggressive nature should make it hold up to even the hardiest Tryndamere.

What deck are you loving to play? Tell us in the comments.