Len Goodman of 'DWTS' Slammed for 'Foreign Muck' Comment Amid Jubilee

Len Goodman has been accused of "old fashioned British Empire xenophobia" for comments he made during the U.K.'s Platinum Jubilee celebrations describing coronation chicken as "foreign muck."

The Dancing with the Stars judge has been criticized for what he said live on the BBC. A presenter on the channel later apologized for comments made on-air, and the apology was later confirmed as having referred to Goodman's words.

Goodman was appearing on television as part of the four-day celebrations for Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee, celebrating her 70 years on the throne.

During a discussion about food, Goodman revealed his lack of skills in the kitchen. "I'm hopeless, honestly. My wife did coronation chicken yesterday for our tea and I've never had it before," he said.

""I've never had curry and curry powder, you know, my Nan used to call it all 'foreign muck'." Goodman went on to describe how he was initially worried, but he actually enjoyed the coronation chicken. Goodman shared the story in an amusing manner and it also drew a laugh from British TV chef John Torode who was sitting next to him.

Coronation chicken is a cooked chicken dish usually based in a creamy mayonnaise-based sauce, though it also contains curry powder. Ironically, the origins of coronation chicken are in the United Kingdom.

Goodman's comments were quickly slammed online, with political commentator Adam Schwarz sharing his scathing assessment on Twitter.

"A dollop of old fashioned British Empire xenophobia from Len Goodman," he wrote. In a further tweet he expanded: "Yes, Goodman was quoting his Nan, who was probably born during the 19th century. But if you're sharing a racist quote, doing it while physically wincing at the target of the racism and telling it as a supposedly humorous anecdote is no way to do it."

"Len Goodman just called coronation chicken "foreign muck" on BBC One so this time-filling before the Platinum Pageant is going well," Twitter user @joshaaronr said. @TheBlueLady3 was also taken aback simply stating: "This is ghastly."

Author and campaigner Natalie Row also criticized the TV chef Torode for laughing at the statement. "John Torode thinks it's hilarious, going along with those type of sentiments without calling it out, is just as bad," she wrote on Twitter.

Goodman was criticized by many online, though some have spoken out and defended the TV personality in the context of the clip.

"A lot of people said exactly the same thing back then because it was new to them. What Len said was fact. How can people have a problem with that?" wrote @LawrenceReekie who got a lot of support on Twitter in the form of likes and retweets.

"If you were as old as Len Goodman then your Nan probably called it foreign muck as well. Different generation, different times. Stop trying to out today's values on yesterday's people," wrote @eastleedslass, attempting to put some perspective on the situation.

Later on, during the live BBC broadcast, Claire Balding apologized for remarks made earlier on in the show. A BBC spokesman told The Telegraph that her apology was "related to remarks made during the section of the show" in which Goodman appeared and made his comments.

Len Goodman coronation chicken
"Dancing With the Stars" judge Len Goodman has received a backlash for his comments about coronation chicken as he revealed his nan used to call it "foreign muck." Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images / BBC