Lesbians Claim Straight Women Are Dominating Gay Bars in Viral Video

Although the issue of straight people choosing to attend gay clubs for a night out is nothing new, a recent viral video on TikTok has reignited the debate.

Sophia Mastroieni, known on the app as Sophiamastt, shared a clip of herself sat in bed on September 2.

In the footage she explains that "Last night I asked 5 different girls if they were gay at a GAY CLUB and every one of them were straight AT A GAY CLUB I give up."

Captioning her video the TikToker wrote: "They took our style and now they are taking our clubs... anyways I went home alone lol #fyp #lgbt #wlw #lesbian."

Following on from this, another TikTok creator called Eliza, or Elizahhh on the app, stitched her own video on to Mastroieni's footage, which can be watched here, saying: "No but literally."

She then went on to explain that there has been a rapid decline in lesbian bars in the U.S.

This fact is affirmed by the Lesbian Bar Project, a group aiming to preserve these spaces, which states on its site: "In the late 1980s there were an estimated 200 Lesbian Bars across the country.

"Now there are thought to be just 21. These bars are disappearing at a staggering rate and we cannot afford to lose these vital establishments to the fallout of Covid-19."


#stitch with @sophiamastt y’all allies until it stops being convenient for you. #fyp #fy #lgbtq #lesbian #gaybar #gay #lgbt

♬ original sound - eliza🦋

Eliza went on to finish the video by saying: "Straight people have everywhere else, literally everywhere. And we want one safe space for us and then y'all take over?"

"If y'all are going to be allys and stand with us until we actually tell you want we want and what's hurting us then you're performative and not actually allys."

The clip of the two women together has been watched a whopping 1 million times since it was shared on September 3, the day after Mastroieni made the original video.

At the time of writing the footage has also garnered 281.300 likes and nearly 6,500 comments, with some people agreeing with the pair.

One TikTok user, Alexis Scudder, wrote: "I think it all comes down to respect and understanding that those are queer spaces and to realize that this place is inherently not for you."

Another person, Tomi, added: "'Straight bars are terrifying for woman' why then make GAY bars terrifying for GAY PEOPLE."

SwampPunk typed: "I had a fight with a coworker once because she "went to not get hit on" BUT BABES YOU SHOULDN'T BE THERE."

Azi explained: "LITERALLY like we appreciate allyship but you don't let us find find people we can date in spaces for us to socialize."

Fairylovingfairy revealed: "These comments. Y'all are allies until we ask you to let us have our safe space. Then suddenly y'all are mad we "make everything about us." Performative."

However, others did not think that it was unfair for a straight woman to attend gay bars, including TorixGalba who wrote: "Literally saying that there are only 21 bars and saying less people should go to them."

Girl Boss agreed, typing: "Yeah no let's not gate keep spaces where woman are safe."

Riley Roisin opined: "Okay but people don't go to bars to get hit on all the time lol..."

Gay Pride Protest
A stock image of a Gay Pride event. A recent TikTok video has reignited the debate about whether straight people should attend gay bars. Getty Images