The 7 Most Shocking Moments From Lexi's Play in 'Euphoria' and More

Lexi Howard (played by Maude Apatow) may have had her moment to finally shine in Euphoria Season 2, Episode 7 but her play did not come without its consequences.

She did not hold back in exposing the truth about her peers, including her own sister Cassie (Sydney Sweeney), whose relationship with the toxic Nate Jacobs (Jacob Elordi) came crashing down as a result.

There were plenty of other jaw-dropping moments in the most recent episode of Euphoria, with fans taking to Twitter to discuss the most shocking scenes in and surrounding Lexi's play.

One thing is for certain, fans are agreeing with Maddy Perez's (Alexa Demie) crowning of Lexi as the greatest.

Newsweek has the top moments from Lexi's play below.

The 7 Shocking Moments From Lexi's Play and More

1. Cassie Who?

So, Cassie and Nate really did decide to give their relationship a shot after they were exposed in Episode 6. They even made the bold move to walk the hallways of school holding hands, making things particularly hard for Cassie's ex-best friend and Nate's ex-girlfriend Maddy.

However, fans could not help but notice Cassie was looking a little different, with many fans thinking the way she dressed looked exactly like Maddy's fashion sense and her make-up looking very similar to Maddy and Jules's iconic eye looks.

Later in the episode, Cassie, in a very uncomfortable power-play scene, tells Nate she "loves" how much he controls her, her clothes, and what she eats, and fans' minds have been completely blown.

One fan tweeted: "WAIT Nate has been dressing Cassie up to have her look like Maddie?? And Cassie is just letting it happen??? #Euphoria #Euphoria" and a second fan chimed in: "is it me or is Nate dressing cassie up like Maddie and Jules styles combined??? #EUPHORIA."

2. Nate's Nightmare

It is no secret Nate is a troubled character, his own mother even confessed there was a certain "darkness" to him from the age of 8 or 9 onwards. Audiences have known since Season 1 his relationship with his father has been the root of his trauma but until now, maybe we did not know the true extent.

As Lexi's play progresses, there is a flashback to Nate having a recent nightmare where he is seen being intimate with Maddy, Cassie, and Jules on separate occasions.

It is quite clear Nate does not know who he is or who he wants to be with, but his nightmare takes an even darker turn when his own dad, Cal (Eric Dane) appears in his thoughts and it is implied they slept together.

Was Nate sexually abused by his father or was the appearance of Cal in Nate's nightmare a manifestation of the trauma Nate has endured throughout his life, especially after seeing his father's sex tapes? Euphoria fans can't quite work it out but have been pretty scarred by what they witnessed in Episode 7.

3. Ethan Channels Nate Jacobs

Ethan's (Austin Abrams) portrayal of Nate in Lexi's play is getting a whole lot of love online.

In his homoerotic scene, Ethan looked unrecognizable as he thrust himself around the stage, danced up against other men, and lip-synced along to Bonnie Tyler's "Holding Out For A Hero."

In the scene, Lexi was, very obviously, putting the spotlight on Nate and his complicated struggle with his own sexuality, and Nate knew it, causing him to storm out of the theatre.

One fan tweeted: "sorry Ethan's a king for this nate jacob portrayal" and a second fan commented: "Lexi and Ethan are the best tag team to ever exist! ENDED NATE! #Euphoria".

4. "Lexi Your A G"

In Lexi's play, the early days of Maddy, Cassie, and Lexi's friendship played out alongside flashbacks to the real-life moments they shared. In one adorable flashback, Maddy was seen doing Lexi's make-up and having a heartwarming conversation about the importance of confidence.

Sadly as they grew up, Maddy and Cassie got closer and Lexi fell to the sidelines but it looks like after Lexi's play, Maddy might have Lexi's back more than she thought.

After Act I of Lexi's play came to an end, Maddy cried out "Lexi you're a f****** G!" and the audience went wild, as too did viewers at home.

Euphoria fans also think Maddy will jump to Lexi's defense in the finale as it is very likely Cassie will go after her sister for splitting up her and Nate.

5. Fez Being Handsome

Ok, so technically this scene between Fez and Faye (Chloe Cherry) isn't a scene from Lexi's play exactly, but their encounter before Fez heads out is sure to become one of the most memorable moments of the entire episode so cannot go unacknowledged.

Fez had gotten all dressed up to sit front row at Lexi's play. He opted to wear a suit and even had a beautiful bunch of flowers and a card for Lexi ready to go.

As he prepared to head out, he asked Faye for her advice on whether he should wear a tie or not. He also asked "You think other people would thank I am handsome?," melting Euphoria fan's hearts across the globe.

6. Fears for Fez and Ashtray

As Episode 7 came to an end, things were not looking so good for Fez and Ashtray (Javon "Wanna" Walton).

Euphoria fans know Faye's boyfriend Custer (Tyler Chase) is currently working with the police to catch Fez and Ashtray for their role in the death of Mouse and it looks like Ash has caught on to Custer's suspicious behavior.

Armed with a knife, Ash joined Custer on the couch as Faye watched on from the kitchen, and just as Fez was about to head out for Lexi's play, he noticed something was not quite right.

Now, Euphoria fans are fearing the worst for Fez, especially after the promo trailer for the finale showed him lying down on the floor and shouting. However, others have faith Faye will quickly tell Fez the truth about Custer before it's way too late.

7. Nate Dumps Cassie

In a move nobody saw coming, Nate decided to drop Cassie in the blink of an eye after her sister Lexi took aim at him in her play.

As a result, what was left was a furious-looking Cassie, starring into the theatre from the glass door at the top of the stairs. Earlier in the season, Cassie threatened she was "crazier" than Maddy and with that look in her eyes, she may have been right.

One fan tweeted: "Cassie heavily breathing against the glass doing the Stanley Kubrick stare i was waiting for her to take an axe to the door and start screaming here's cassie"

A second fan added: "The ending with Cassie and her serial killer stare has me terrified for Lexi! #Euphoria #EuphoriaHBOMax"

A third fan commented: "cassie's hot, steaming Michael Myers breath with the carrie pig's blood death stare at the end. I was scared for euphoria high."

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