Liam Neeson Looks Sad to Be in this Bizarre Ad for LinkedIn

Nice leather jacket, grandpa. 20th Century Fox/YouTube

In what is perhaps the weirdest cross-promotion ever, Fox and LinkedIn have teamed up to hype Taken 3, an upcoming film in which kidnappers presumably abscond with a member of Liam Neeson’s family—for the third time!—raising serious questions about how effective a secret agent Neeson really is. (Three times, really? You'd think he might have seen a kidnapping coming after the second time.)

There is probable overlap, demographically speaking, between fans of Taken movies and LinkedIn users, so perhaps a cross-promotion makes sense. That doesn’t make it any less depressing, though. Watch as the 62-year old Irish actor promises to make one lucky super fan’s dream come true—assuming, of course, that super fan's dream is to have a fictional character endorse them for supply-side logistics on LinkedIn.