A Life in Movies: Zack Snyder

1 "Excalibur" To this day, I think John Boorman's film is the perfect meeting of movies and mythology. (Article continued below...)

2 "The Road Warrior" The first "Mad Max" sequel is violent and sophisticated. It feels uncompromising.

3"A Clockwork Orange" Shockingly unapologetic.

4 "Blue Velvet" Lynch's classic is one of those movies that never goes where you expect and conjures a perfectly unique world.

5 "RoboCop" Both funny and violent, and Paul Verhoeven balanced it with just the right amount of satire.

A film to which you always return: "The Searchers." It has remarkable moral ambiguity for the time in which it was made. And I love the film's rambling narrative.

A film you hope parents will show their kids: "Hope and Glory." I've always thought this was an inspiring story about how families can persevere through war and the loss of innocence.