How to Do the Sam Smith 'Like I Can' TikTok Trend

Sam Smith's 2014 hit "Like I Can" is going viral seven years later thanks to a new TikTok trend.

As of August 27, the sound has over 782,000 videos attached to it on the app.

Smith themself even shared a video to the song thanking video creators for their support.

They posted a video playing with their dog, Velma, set to the track with the caption: "So many amazing Like I Can videos. Love you all."


So many amazing Like I Can videos. Love you all, Sam & Velma xx 🐾

♬ Like I Can - Sam Smith

What Is the "Like I Can" TikTok Trend?

The trend sees users create videos set to the lyrics of the chorus: "There may be lovers who'll hold out their hands, but / They'll never love you like I can, can, can."

In the trend, TikTokers share videos which freeze frame in black and white as Smith sings the final line.

Some have used the trend to make sweet videos showing their love for their significant other, friends, or pets, while others have used the opportunity to make a joke being silly with their friends or showing their fondness for snacks.

How Do I Make the Best Video for the 'Like I Can' TikTok Trend?

TikTok account @mrbeaniebean shares videos of a black labrador called Bean.

Their "Like I Can" video was viewed over 2.2 million times with over 500,000 likes.

They subsequently shared a helpful tutorial to show how to make the best videos, captioning their post: "It's a super simple trend but takes ALOT of time [sic]."

In the tutorial, they explain to start with the video you want to use and upload it set to the sound up until Smith sings the word "but."

Then, take a screenshot of the last clip and add it to your video and set it to black and white.


it’s a super simple trend but takes ALOT of time! Hope this helped everyone asking :) #fyp #tutorial #howto #neverloveyoulikeican

♬ original sound - Beanie

If you're adding the lyrics as text in time to the song too, you just need to type each word and then set the duration you want it to appear on screen for.

This is the bit that takes the longest, they said, explaining that their initial viral video took 30 minutes to create.

What Are the Best "Like I Can" TikTok Videos?

User @katy.smithhh went viral with her take on the trend.

Her video showed her and a friend in a public bathroom climbing on a toilet and gripping the walls of the stalls to do a flip.

Her video has been viewed over 14 million times and accrued more than 2.7 million likes.

TikToker @bby.hannnn posted a more sweet take on the trend highlighting a throwback video with her boyfriend from 2018 which was viewed more than 2.7 million times.


This video is from 2018 y’all, look at ussss 😭 @cdot2001 #fypシ #xyczba

♬ Like I Can - Sam Smith

An adorable pair of puppies carrying a stick set to the track got over 2.6 million views for @dieselthelab0.

Another cute animal video came from @lucyrobinson018.

Posing for a video with her horse, both she and the pony stuck their tongues as the video froze in perfect timing.

A sillier take on the trend came from @sammyjanee who used her video as an opportunity to joke about her love for vodka.


Made one for all my single ppl out there #greenscreenvideo

♬ Like I Can - Sam Smith

Her video has been viewed more than 6.2 million times.

Sam Smith Like I Can TikTok trend
Sam Smith's 2014 song 'Like I Can' has become the subject of a recent TikTok trend Getty/TikTok