What Lily Cade Said in Transphobic Rant: Full Transcript

Lily Cade, an anti-transgender activist, has faced severe criticism in recent days for an article she wrote on her website that supported acts of violence against transgender women.

In a post on her website called "Where The F*** Are These Children's Mothers?," Cade described trans women as "vile, weak, disgusting whiny, fake-victim" and called for them to be lynched.

Cade is adult film actress, who in October was also featured in a controversial BBC article that claims trans women pressure lesbians into sex.

Following the publication of the article and subsequent backlash, Cade started posting extreme calls to violence against trans women on her blog.

However, her website has now crashed and the post is unavailable.

Lily Cade
Adult film actress Lily Cade attends the 2016 Adult Video News Awards at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on January 23, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Warning: The following paragraphs contain strong language and calls to violence.

Lily Cade's Transphobic Rant Against Trans Women

Where The F*** Are These Children's Mothers?

You're the mothers, right? The moms? The mums? I need the mothers on my side. I'm on the side of the breeders. I'm on the side of the children. Fuck feelings. I care about the emotional and physical well-being of the future generations, not some spoiled little f*** of the easiest, stupidest, path of least resistance society that has ever existed's bulls*** delusions.

I'm not here to play back and forth games with the actually faggots who with the wedge of their actually and your weak, well-meaning, nice, feminine, kindness and your ignorance of the smell of sulfur on the monster before you have rolled a Trojan Horse full of literal baby-f***ing God Damned pedophile monsters into your Ivory Towers, your Kindergartens, your locker rooms, your Olympics, your prisons, everywhere you sought to stand in public. Fuck these people.

This was done to hurt you, to make a mockery of you, to hold you down. This was done by men who hate women more than any other men who have ever walked the Earth, the worst men that have ever existed, trans women, men so worthless they can't even admit the most obvious thing about themselves that is obvious to the dogs and rats who can smell their manhood and should be obvious to every mother on Earth.

Wake the f*** up, b****, before they slice up even one more child in public.

Trans women are vile, weak, disgusting, whiny, fake-victim masturbators who should be ashamed of themselves. They threatened suicide and you rolled over. You disgust me too. There is but one noble response to a man who tries to use the threat of violence against himself to manipulate a woman's emotions. f****** do it then!

No woman should ever pity a weak man. Tear your f***ing blinders off, b****, what the f*** is wrong with you? Your pity rewards weak men for their weakness. You have sacrificed your children's futures on the altar of that pity.

I have looked thousands of adult men in the eyes and have not met one man, not once, who believed that trans women are women. Soldiers. Bull Riders. Artists. Dope Smokers. Lawyers. Men. No one believes that trans women are women. Trans women know they are men. They are forcing you to pretend to believe that they are women to rape your minds and the minds of your children. They are like Big Brother before them twisting your language so that you don't have the words to make sense of reality. This is power, b****. This is the shape of power. These men run your world now because you refused to speak Truth to power.

Trans women are men. Say it. Own it. Know it. Hold the f***ing line, b****. Michfest held the line. When Michfest fell, so fell Western Civilization!

This is a pedophile cult. It's been here the whole time. You gave these people too much power so they became a pedophile cult. The lesbians tried to warn you but no one listens to the lesbians. I broke Max Hardcore's nose, b****, and drank at his house and shared his cameraman. Max Hardcore, a whorebreaker, who still slings fake dick, has more integrity than the whole of Western Civilization who would rather stroke their cocks and their phones while the world burns than speak truth to power. Say what you want about me I never f***ed no kids. I would send my daughter to learn what a golden shower is from Max Hardcore before I let these satanic tranny freaks "educate" her about her body and her soul.

You have abdicated your responsibility as a mother. You have sold your children for the trance of the endless scroll, for cheap validation, for Candy Crush b**** you stupid f***ing cow how could you, because you're too cowed to draw a line. Enough is Enough. Your horrifying addiction is making you stupid and weak and your children are suffering because of it. You are no different than a heroin addict who ties the cord for her child to shoot up with her.

Trans women are men.

Trans women are evil.

Trans women are rapists.

Trans women are predators.

Trans women are men who have surrendered to their shadow. That's what it means to be evil. I should f***ing know. The men beneath these vile personas can still be redeemed, so long as the soul walks the Earth, it can be redeemed. The trans women cannot. There is no such thing as a trans woman. There is no such thing as gender identity. This is a sick fetish.

Trans women are a lie. They know and I know and if you can't see it you're not paying attention. Their fetish is lying to you, jerking off all over everything you care about, pissing into your children's developing minds, and making you shut up and take it. Weak men are the natural prey of whores. I see right through them. I read their dark hearts. Some of them are vile sadists and some are just worthless bootlickers but every single one of them is evil.

Trans women are evil pedophiles who have twisted the minds of your people so badly with annoying, ugly, stupid language, that your children are mutilating their bodies to please them. These people understand attention. Attention is the currency of your horrifying society. Teenage girls want attention more than anything else on Earth. They have been offered a choice between mincing TikTok whore and navel-gazing spoiled rotten weak pathetic fake man victims because you sold them out for the smartphone. Trans women and the shadow lords of the Algorithm control this attention. They are pedophiles, predators, monsters, shadow beasts, the literal devil. These men hate women. They are jealous panty wearing sick masturbating f***s who have infiltrated every level of your society with one goal: Degrade Women. Piss on the faces of your mothers, your daughters, the women who fought to get here. Piss on your right to say no. Cut your breasts off. Sew your pussies shut. Take the word mother how the f*** dare you let the actually fa****** take the word mother from you.

Where the f*** are your balls, b****? Where are the mother bears?

I know what a woman is, b****, and I know what a man is, I know what a mother is, and I know what a child is, and I sure as f*** know what a pedophile is. A pedophile is someone who sacrifices the souls of children to feed his shadow self. A pedophile f***s kids. A pedophile believes the validation of his monstrous sexual fetish is worth the reap of thousands upon thousands of your little girls and your little boys, your daughters, your sons, your babies, generations of your children, bred now for it, their minds warped from birth, their deep animal truths denied. These tranny freaks are experimenting on your children and cutting them apart in full view of the public and you stand by and let it happen because you are worried they will call you out for being afraid of them. You are worried they will take away your social media. Fuck Social Media. It did this. Burn it to the f***ing ground and hold these f***ing monsters accountable!

The evil trannies are 1% of the population. They control The Matrix. They do not control real life.

Call me transphobic. I'm transphobic. You should be too. The trans ideology is bulls*** on its face, a lie built to suborn these soulless pedophiles in their public grooming of your children. This is a pedophile cult. This is the real pedophile cult that has been staring you in the face the whole time laughing, masturbating, the naked Emperor stroking his cock while you try to find some new nice words to explain gently to him in NewSpeak that you would like him to stop and that he is naked. NewSpeak doesn't have those words!

He won't stop. He hates you. Enough is Enough. Speak English, b****. Fuck your NewSpeak. I piss on your NewSpeak. No woman should ever let another word of this vile mockery of English that is NewSpeak pass her lips ever again! You know which words I mean. Don't say them. Don't write them. The truth is beautiful. NewSpeak is not. Hold the line. Let the pedophile monsters keep their NewSpeak. Speak English, as all men still do, once the pussies leave the room. Fuck your pronoun dance. Fuck your obfuscation while the blood truth stares you in the face. Do you think the Marines speak NewSpeak? Do you think the tuna boat fisherman ask for my pronouns? Grow up. A dog knows what a b**** is. I walk with the dogs. This dead whore is the last man left in America. Take the culture back or the dogs will be all that survives of Western Civilization.

This is your Great Replacement, b****. These people castrate your kids. They sold them to Big Pharma to be castrated while you cheer them on for living their "truth." The f***? How do you sleep at night? Self-mutilation has never been and will never be a cure for mental illness. Self-mutilation is a sign of extreme psychological distress. This is your next Opiate crisis. End this before it gets worse. Stand up to the cult. Every f***ing teenage girl experiences "dysphoria." The cure is acceptance and spiritual growth, a f***ing gym routine, hobbies, goals, control over the desires, the intellect trained to guard the heart, compassion but never pity not bulls***, personas, lies, a lifetime commitment to pharmaceuticals, hack job surgeries that construct a vile funhouse mirror effigy of the opposite sex from the bodies honed by millions of years of evolution that you have allowed the worst people in your society to "educate" your daughters about.

I have walked the world and watched this cancer stretch across it. They are making money from this soul reap, not just the evil pedophiles, but the even darker evil of the truly soulless money men who stand by and let it happen because they love money so much. The power structure knows this is horrible, they just don't care. Your children who agree to be mutilated for the attention of the cult are weak. The f*** do the money men care about a bunch of stupid mentally damaged children with endless scroll addictions? They f*** kids too. They have eyes like mine that truck no pity. You are sheep to them. They are laughing all the way to the bank. That's why you're not allowed to speak up. Money. Big Pharma. Look at this "science". The Sacklers had "science" too. Look at these people, the paragons of this paradigm, these mutilated side-show freaks, fake ass whiny victims holding you down in fear, these freak doctors chopping up your babies, do these people seem happy to you? Do they seem wise? You trusted your children to the smartphone and this is what it did to you!

I committed voter fraud for Joe Biden because I didn't want to watch that s***-filled sack of s*** where once stood a man s*** all over himself in public every day, filtered through the voices of every last human soul in America who could talk about nothing else that whole time but the color and shape of his s***. Joe Biden put a pedophile monster in charge of Health and Human Services so that the process of trapping your children with that lifetime commitment to pharmaceuticals can be honed ever further into the path of least resistance. Joe Biden knows that's a man and he knows that's a pedophile and he knows that's the agenda. No one did anything. Fuck these people.

Your children's teachers are either in this pedophile cult or the usual well-meaning weak man pitying feminine fools that suborn evil because they're too stupid to see it. Your children's teachers allow them to start their horrifying lifetime addiction to cross-sex hormones and the feeding of their shadow selves behind your back, twelve-year-old girls, experiencing the normal rhythms of the experience of being twelve-year-old girls, are encouraged to mutilate their growing bodies to please these pedophiles because it gets attention. Pedophiles f*** children. These pedophiles are f***ing your children in public every day. f****** their minds. f****** their bodies. Often, these tortured man-women, who have been so sadistically brought up, with no real men in their lives, their fathers having sold their balls to the endless scroll, their mothers so weak and broken themselves by this stupid garbage that they go along with it. I have seen it. The parents mean well, they're just idiots. Because she is bred from stupid weak people and trained by shadow monsters, the traumatized child victim of the cult can't spot a predator, and they bear children to these monsters!

Then, the monsters f*** the children too just like the pedophile cult of The South did. The shape of power is always a pedophile cult. Ask that finger sucking b**** of a whore-breaker Maxwell. Do you remember that video with the trans couple trying to breastfeed a baby with the disgusting weak whiny fake victim piece of s*** man not worth the air he breathes crying about how no one respects him as a mother as he tries to squeeze the hormone-induced weepings of his man titties into a baby's mouth? Find me that video. Watch that video, and tell me that's not a worthless masturbating pedophile f***ing a baby while the traumatized child your garbage society has groomed to let pump his seed into her fertile womb coddles his weakness and lets it happen. How can you stand for this? Where the f*** is child services? Where are that baby's grandparents? How can you let this happen in public and say nothing? What do you think that baby's future looks like?

I thought pedos got the wall?

I thought chomos got the rope?

That's a f***ing child molester. So is Bruce Jenner. He told you he gets off to wearing his own daughters' clothes and you stood by and did nothing. Tear your blinders off! This is not acceptable. You do not have to accept this.

Speak truth to power. Trans women are men. They know they are men. If these men can't slit the throats of these vile personas in public, admit what they have done, take off the dress, look with abject shame upon the affront to God and nature they have wrought in the service of their masturbatory fantasies, apologize for the children they have hurt with their lies and their drugs and their grooming, apologize for the incarcerated women they have fed to rapist monsters, apologize for the lesbian spaces they have desecrated, and devote the rest of their lives to repairing the damage they have done, if you left it up to me, I'd execute every last one of them personally.

Cancel the ever living f*** out of this. Cancel this so hard that no man dare walk the path of the trans woman in public ever again! Enough is enough. Lynch Kaitlyn! Lynch the "Sisters" Wachowski! Lynch Laurel Hubbard! Lynch Fallon Fox! Make these men stand up as the men you all know they are and hold them accountable for their shame. Your fear of the truth has shoveled thousands of children down the hole in Buffalo Bill's basement so he can harvest them for their skins. Enough is Enough.

Pedos get the wall? Chomos get the rope? Where the f*** are the Marines? Where the f*** is the Army? Where are the Farmers with Pitchforks? Where are the Cowboys? Where are the Indians? Where the f*** are the men? Where the f*** are the mothers? How can you stand for this? If my grandfather and all his brothers who stood up to Hitler were still here they would rip the still-beating hearts from every last one of these pedophile monsters in public the same way they have raped your kids. So would every man who walked the Earth before your culture decided to accept masturbation as healthy and not the soul-draining creative energy wasting evil pathetic act of a man not worth his balls.

Break your smartphones. Break the Internet. Make these people pay. Afraid of Trannies? They should be afraid of you! Take the red pill, b****, before it's too late. Everyone's queer. Queer is utterly meaningless at this point, a box of nothing your children stuff themselves into to be cool with no connection left to the rebellion for which it once stood. "Identity" is sin. All lies are sin. I fought for the right to love whom I loved. I did not fight for the right to lie in public and have no one call me out, naval gaze about my own bulls*** while the world buns, or desecrate the sacrifice that has been done in my name as an American to whine about victimhood. No one deserves these rights.

Kill this ideology. No mercy. No quarter. Wipe the stain of Newspeak from the Ivory Tower forever. They should be ashamed of themselves, the actually faggots. Take back womanhood from the fetishists. Own the truth. Clear eyes, b****. Once more into the breach.

I've already been canceled. I can speak the truth. Dead whores tell no lies. I care not for fame nor money. I have no smartphone. I truck no pity. I crawled on my belly through the darkness for this. I walked back into the Matrix to get you out. Only God can forgive me. I'm not here for forgiveness. I'm here to take the language back from the forked tongue of NewSpeak and save your daughters. Are you with me, or are you with the actually faggots and the evil pedophiles and the damaged, spoiled children who have been trained by the two worse forces of evil that I have ever seen: The Matrix and the evil trannies that the Matrix breeds? Do you believe in Free Speech and atonement and the wisdom of the fallen or do you believe that no one who sins should ever speak again?

The monsters named me The Cotton Ceiling. To break me and others like me they raped and groomed and tortured and sliced up and desecrated and "educated" your daughters because not a single solitary State in all of Western Civilization had to the balls or the brains or the heart to say no to these freaks. What the f*** is wrong with you? Are you going to let them take me down with some lazy memes while you s*** out your s*** opinions about s*** you know nothing about and masturbate your outrage into your phone and do nothing or are you going to take off your goddam polite society blinders and look this monster in the eyes? I'm The Cotton Ceiling, b****. I'm the only one who said NO. They took down Michfest. They can't take down Lily Cade. She's already dead. I'm the bullet, b****, if you let me be. Who else has the balls, the brains, the voice, and the pitiless eyes to fight these monsters? I'm a f***ing soldier. You ready? I'm ready. We can't fight this within the Matrix. No more back and forth message board internet bulls***. This ends now. Stop arguing on the Internet with the bootlicking footsoldiers of the men who are f***ing your children and stand the f*** up.

Peak trans, b****. Let's go. Let's see their Cotton Ceiling and raise them The Wall!

Are you going to let these monsters piss on motherhood and f*** your kids or are you going to stand up for the Truth?