Limbless Naked Body Discovered In Brooklyn Park

Police in New York City are investigating the discovery of a limbless body in a Brooklyn park on Monday evening (April 9).

The remains of a woman, whose arms and legs appear to have been hacked off, were discovered covered in leaves by a dog walker in Canarsie State Park at around 6.30pm.

The body was located just 15 feet from a pedestrian path through the park, which community activist Tony Herbert told NBC4 New York was a "very active park."

"This body couldn't have been here that long," he said.

The woman's body was spotted earlier in the day by another dog walker, but he thought the body was a doll and did not call the authorities—failing to realize that he had stumbled upon a gruesome scene.

Local resident Robert Clouden, 53, told The New York Daily News: "It was a path I don't normally take with [my dog]," Clouden said. "I looked over to my left and I thought what I saw was a doll. It didn't have any clothing."

"All I saw was a torso. I didn't see legs or anything," he added. "It was a petite body. It wasn't that big. That's what made me think it was a doll."

But after walking back through the park later in the evening, Clouden spotted police at the scene and realized what he had seen earlier in the day was in fact a limbless body.

Authorities have not found the limbs, nor have they established how the body came to be in the park. A medical examiner will work to establish the woman's cause of death as well as her identity.

The investigation being carried out by the New York Police Department is ongoing at this time.