Linda Sanchez Flips the Bird at GOP Team in Congressional Baseball Game

Representative Linda Sanchez, a California Democrat, caused a stir on Thursday when she appeared to give the finger to the Republican dugout during the annual charity Congressional baseball game.

The House member, who represents California's 38th district, raised her middle finger as she walked past the GOP bench.

Matt Fuller, the politics editor at the Daily Beast, tweeted a photo of the incident adding: "Linda "The 'T' Doesn't Stand for Tee Ball" Sanchez gives the Republican bench a finger as she passes by."

The game ended in a decisive victory for the Republicans, who beat the Democrats 10-0.

About 17,000 tickets for the game were sold, with proceeds going to charities such as the Capitol Police Memorial Fund and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington.

Sanchez's action sparked outrage on social media, with one commentator calling for her to be banned from future games.

Nick Adams, whose Twitter biography says he is a "best-selling author endorsed by President [Donald] Trump, tweeted: "Rep. Linda Sanchez is classless. Giving the middle finger to the GOP Baseball team is hateful and divisive. Sanchez should be banned from all future Congressional baseball games and permanently stripped of all committees."

Benny Johnson, the host of Newsmax's The Benny Report, added: "California Democrat Rep. Linda Sanchez gave the Republican dug out the finger right before her team got BODIED 10-0 by the GOP in the congressional baseball game. What a nasty, disgusting slob. Perfect representation of the modern Left."

The annual Congressional baseball game has been going on for more than a century, with the tradition dating back to 1909.

The game drew sizable protests both inside and outside the stadium.

Climate change protestors targeted the event, unfurling a banner reading "They Play Ball While The World Burns" with other protesters holding smaller signs reading "This Is A Climate Emergency" inside Nationals Park during the game. Groups of protesters also attempted to block entrances to the stadium as well.

The Metropolitan Police Department said it made three arrests for unlawful entry during the evening.

Rep. Linda Sanchez in Congressional Baseball Game
Democratic Representative Linda Sanchez (center) raised her middle finger at the GOP bench as her side lost 10-0 in the 2022 Congressional baseball game. Also pictured, highlights from Thursday's game. Getty

In a July 27 op-ed for the Washington Post which was written the day before the game, Mike Tidwell, the executive director of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, said he intended to protest at the game to get Congress to act on climate change.

"As the world burns, Congress appears ready to remain perfectly hitless on climate change," Tidwell wrote. "And as if playing games with the atmosphere weren't enough, these same members of Congress now want to play a literal game of baseball on July 28 — as if everything were fine."

"On July 28, I don't expect to see much baseball," Tidwell continued. "I'll be arm in arm with college kids and pastors and parents calmly protesting with our bodies outside Nationals Park. We'll be appealing to fans entering the Congressional Baseball Game to pause long enough to hear our message: Congress must stop playing games with our one and only, life-giving climate."

The activists were condemned as "idiots" by Republican Representative Rodney Davis of Illinois who added: "No one takes them seriously."