Lindsay Lohan Appears in Sponsored Ad on TikTok and It 'Stinks'

Fans think that Lindsay Lohan's promotional TikTok content 'stinks'. On Monday, a video of the Parent Trap star began making the rounds on social media. The video appeared to be a sponsored TikTok for Famera, a video chat app where users "Enjoy an out of body experience with friends in dazzling spaces." Make of that what you will, for Lohan certainly did.

"O Famera president, it's me, Lohan," a makeup-free Lohan says in the content in question. "I call upon thy name to ask for forgiveness for being a dirty little stinker," she continues, before appearing to release loud flatulence. It's worth pointing out that the passing of gas is labeled as "heavenly sounds."


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Lohan takes a deep breath and continues: "the fragrance of salvation is in the air. May the eye wink upon you." The Mean Girls star winks, and the video fades to black. "O holy president savior of all that's chill," the screen read, "may you shrink our stink absolve us of our smells."

The video closes with Famera's logo, an eye with pink, purple and yellow designs surrounding it. Fans were baffled with the TikTok. "I am LOSING my MIND," one fan wrote. "Girl I hope this is a Cameo taken too far and not a cult hostage situation," another chimed in, referring to the platform where celebrities can create personalized video messages for fans.

The audience quickly deduced that it was an ad for a video chat VR app, but speculated as to just how in on the joke Lohan actually was. "It looks like a s****y vr app and I guess Lindsey lohan is on cameo and they gave her a few lines to read and they just used it for their ad," they suggested, adding: "Which would explain why she seems just as confused as anyone watching this."

One user wanted to know why there were so few comments about the flatulence in the background: "(sic)whys nobody talking about the fart or (sic) im hallucinating," they asked. "LOL The human toot is too funny," another acknowledged.

"I went to their website and I'm even more confused than I was before," someone else commented about Famera's homepage, where the tagline is "be togetherous."

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan

According to Famera's website, there are three steps folks will take in order to join the app. First, they need to download it. Second, await an invite code. As for the third and final step in the process. Well, it's probably better to let Famera take it from here:

"To keep the Famerican realm dope and diverse, you gotta chat to The President. If you pass the vibe check, you'll score an invite."

Finally, users accepted by said president, will "enjoy belongment."

"Now you can call your friends on SpaceTime, and if you were chosen, you'll be able to join Famera Friendzy too."