Lindsay Lohan Goes For Funnybone -- But Misses

So The Blogosphere has been chuckling -- we all sit in one big beanbag-riddled rec room, you know -- for the past day or so over Lindsay Lohan's FunnyOrDie video spoof (above), in which she emulates an eHarmony video soliciting a new significant other. (Lohan has very publicly split up with girlfriend Samantha Ronson). She takes herself to task for all the crap she's been through -- "I'm looking for someone I can spend the rest of my life with. Or, at least the rest of my probation with."

The thing is, it's kind of... not that funny. In fact, it's really sad. Laughing at Lohan -- poor, gaunt, leathery-skinned, expressionless Lohan -- as she jokes about her long-suffering substance abuse problems and tabloid-ready exploits is sort of like watching sausage get made. Just look at her eyes in the clip above -- they're incredibly vacant and unsmiling. The whole thing is so palpably It makes me want to hug her or something.

What made FunnyOrDie's similar Paris Hilton spoof so great was that Hilton really sold the Elle Woods angle, fully rebuffing our attempts to pity her after she landed a surprise starring role in "The One." Lohan aims for the same, but utterly fails. She told Us Weekly that she's going through "absolute hell" right now -- and, well, she looks like it.