Lindsey Graham Says Trump's Senate Trial Will End in Days, Not Weeks: Pelosi 'Gave In'

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham said he hopes every Republican will join him in voting against the House's "dangerous" articles of impeachment, declaring the trial will be over in days, not weeks.

Graham doubled down Saturday night on his December comment that he's "not trying to pretend to be a fair juror" in the impending impeachment trial of the president. The GOP senator and ardent Trump supporter railed against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for failing to call witnesses or build a stronger case when it was in her chamber. Graham said Pelosi "gave in" to Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and he urged all members of the GOP to stand in line together against the "revenge" impeachment process.

"It makes no sense [Pelosi] is trying to tell Mitch McConnell how to run the Senate. Mitch McConnell, this is his finest hour, he stood up to Nancy Pelosi," Graham told Fox News, deriding her decision to hold on to the articles for the last several weeks. "She's not going to run the Senate, she gave in, and I think this hurt her, it undercut the argument that impeachment is about necessity, impeachment is about revenge."

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro asked Graham to elaborate on his criticism against Pelosi: "Does anyone take that woman seriously?"

"I've been there since 2002, and I've done my share of dumb things," Graham replied about his tenure in the Senate, before listing off several Democratic defenses of Trump's impeachment. "But nobody has done anything dumber than this: 'impeach the president because you absolutely have to: he's a menace to the world; time is of the essence; it's urgent; we can't wait to allow him to exercise executive privilege; we can't wait to get John Bolton's testimony on the record and going to court to get his testimony; it's imperative that we get Donald Trump out of office' -- and then we sit on it for weeks."

Graham appeared to brush off criticism from fellow GOP Senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins, who publicly stated they would be open to the Senate calling witnesses such as Bolton. Graham rejected that idea, saying the House should have done their job.

"If they [the House] thought John Bolton was an important witness, they should have called him. I'm going to judge the case based on the evidence given to the Senate," Graham added.

Pirro chimed in to offer her own criticism of Pelosi: "She has this imperialistic approach to the she thinks she's going to dictate to you guys how you think it's going to play out in the Senate?"

Graham, who earlier in the interview criticized Republicans such as Kentucky Senator Rand Paul for backing the War Powers Act against Trump, implored all members of the GOP to support the president on all fronts.

"I hope no Republican will destroy executive privilege. All I can say is the impeachment articles are a danger to the presidency, the way they impeached the president is un-American. This trial will end in a matter of days, not weeks and he's going to be acquitted. I hope every Republican votes to acquit and I hope some Democrats will too."

lindsey graham senate impeachment trial
Lindsey Graham said Nancy Pelosi "gave in" to Mitch McConnell and that the "dangerous" Senate impeachment trial will end in days, not weeks. Screenshot: Fox News | Twitter