Lindsey Graham Compares Trump Presidency to Christmas: 'You Don't Know What's Under the Tree. It Can Be That Shotgun You've Been Hoping to Get'

In an interview with Politico published Wednesday, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham compared President Donald Trump's administration to Christmas morning.

"It's like every day is Christmas," the senator said, explaining that each day is like opening a wrapped gift in that no one knows what it holds. He said, "You don't know what's under the tree. It can be that shotgun you've been hoping to get, or it can be a sweater you don't want."

On Twitter, many people were quick to point out the quirks in the South Carolina senator's analogy comparing Washington governance to Yuletide celebrations. Many found the juxtaposition of childlike excitement about presents with the image of a shotgun to be disturbing.

One user offered, "Or it can be that shotgun you DON'T want..." Another wrote, "That morally difficult sweater vs. shotgun kinda Xmas." One of Graham's critics said that the Senator is definitely on Santa's naughty list.

Or it can be that shotgun you DON'T want...

— Jeff Dubner (@DubnerJeff) November 6, 2019

That morally difficult sweater vs. shotgun kinda Xmas.

— d_twit (@d_twit) November 6, 2019

You will surely find a lump of clean coal under your tree.

— An Artists Journey (@Artists_Journey) November 6, 2019

Politico's reporting highlights the complicated relationship that Democratic officials have with Graham. Delaware Senator Chris Coons told the outlet, "It's the same Senator Graham who is simultaneously doing things on Judiciary with which I strongly disagree and doing things on Foreign Relations and foreign aid matters that I appreciate."

lindsey graham
Senator Lindsey Graham poses during the Ambrosetti International Forum on September 2, 2016 in Cernobbio near Como, Italy. The senator compared working with the Trump administration to Christmas morning, telling Politico he never knows what's in store. Pier Marco Tacca/Getty

Many senators spoke about Graham's focus on addressing many different issues. He spoke about the importance of maintaining relationships across the aisle, telling Politico, "I tell every new member of the Senate-you just got to understand that your enemy today can be your ally tomorrow."

Graham also spoke about his relationship with Trump and encouraged other officials to not "get sucked into the drama of the moment." He told Politico, "The one thing about the president that I hope senators understand is he listens, he wants to be successful and he is not an ideologue."

In the interview, Graham stood by his efforts against the House impeachment inquiry into the president's dealings with Ukraine. He said, "This whole Ukrainian BS is just sour grapes [from] sore losers." The senator previously referred to the impeachment as "BS" during an appearance on Fox News on Tuesday.

Last month, Graham presented his colleagues with a resolution on the impeachment inquiry. He accused Democrats of lacking transparency and due process in their approach to the investigation. Despite his attempts to thwart the impeachment inquiry, a constitutional scholar said that his accusations have "absolutely no substance."