Lion Kills Woman at Private Hunting Lodge in South Africa

A lioness waits to be fed at The Wild Animal Sanctuary on October 20, 2011, in Keenesburg, Colorado. John Moore/Getty Images

A woman was killed Tuesday in South Africa after being attacked by a lion, BBC News reported.

The mauling reportedly occurred at a private game reserve in Pretoria, the administrative capital of the nation. The victim was 22, authorities said.

"Tragically, the victim had sustained severe injuries and she died at the scene," 911 spokesman Nick Dollman told the BBC.

Dollman told the news service that bystanders tried to revive the victim with CPR but were not able to save her.

South African news outlet Eyewitness News (EWN) reported the Gauteng Agriculture Department was investigating the incident.

"It is indeed very sad and regrettable," said Loyiso Mkwana, director-general of natural resources, according to EWN. "We are with the members of the family of the deceased. These kinds of incidents, we should not have them, and we should always have vicious, dangerous animals like lions under control."

While attacks from lions aren't necessarily common, they're not entirely unheard of either. The body of a suspected poacher, for instance, was found in the Ingwelala Private Nature Reserve earlier this month. According to National Geographic, the body was difficult to identify—much of it had apparently been eaten by a pride of lions—but it was recovered alongside a hunting rifle and ammunition. An expert on poaching told the outlet lions are typically killed for teeth or claws.

"If you look at the economics of poaching, these guys are taking a risk. It's got to be worth their while," Michael 't Sas-Rolfes of the University of Oxford told National Geographic at the time. "The probability [of being caught] and penalty is about the same...but the price for lion body parts is way lower than rhino horn."

While the person killed by lions earlier in the month was suspected of poaching, there was no indication Tuesday as to what caused the attack.