Liquor Store Owner Shoots, Kills Man Swinging Samurai Sword, Police Say

A man who swung a samurai sword at a liquor store boss in New York has been shot dead, police have announced.

The 50-year-old Theodore Scoville walked into Port Jeff Liquors in Port Jefferson, New York, swinging the two-foot blade close to the owner, ABC 7 New York has reported.

He was then shot dead by the owner of the store on East Main Street and later pronounced dead at the scene.

Suffolk County police said the owner called to report the incident at around 2:30 p.m. according to News 12 Long Island, which also reported that police found a hunting knife on Scoville.

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Suffolk County Police Lt. Det. Kevin Beyrer told ABC 7 New York: "He had a sword beneath a poncho, it seems to be without saying a word, he pulled the sword out, swung it three times—at least three times—at a very close distance to the person behind the counter."

Local media reported that police were not expecting to bring charges against the owner of Port Jeff Liquors and said his firearm was legal. Suffolk County authorities also found surveillance footage to match the account of the incident given by the liquor store owner.

News 12 Long Island reported that Suffolk County police are investigating Scoville's actions before entering the store.

The fatal shooting is the latest in a spate of gun deaths in New York this year, with The New York Times reporting that five people were killed in fatal shootings in New York within the space of 24 hours on August 20 alone.

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It is also not the only case involving a samurai sword that American police have investigated this year. A Florida man was arrested last week and charged with attempted murder after he came at a man with a samurai sword during a dispute over a dump cart.

The Broward County Sheriff's Office said Curtis Miller, 54, was filmed by a surveillance camera as he swung his weapon at alleged victim Todd Beavers. The two were both reportedly keen on the dump cart they spotted in a trash pile outside an empty property in Oakland Park, Florida.

Miller was originally searching through the pile beside a white pickup truck when Beavers jogged past and also took an interest in the trash. Police statements said the dispute began when Beavers found the dump cart and Miller felt he had "rights" to it.

Beavers took the cart home, where he was reportedly followed by Miller, who then allegedly lunged at the other man with a samurai sword before running off when Beavers pointed out that the incident was being recorded.

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