Apply for "The Apprentice" ( for info) by Thursday. But if you're going to beat out thousands just to quit in the third episode, try for "Wheel of Fortune" instead.

Buy "Full House" on DVD ($30) and relive the days when we thought Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were one person. Wait... they're not?

Surf for recipes to ring in the Chinese Year of the Rooster, which dawns Wednesday. Make dumplings to symbolize wealth, lo mein for long life or a cake to sweeten your luck.

Read "Bedside Manners" by David Watts, M.D. (Harmony Books. $24). In candid, poetic prose, a doctor explores the "instant, profound human interaction" between patients and physicians. You'll wish your doctor were half as attentive.

Hear "Sweetheart: Love Songs" ($15 at Starbucks). It sounds awful, except that it's great, with hipsters like Rufus Wainwright crooning classics.