Little Girl Copies Olympian Divers at Home in Adorable Video

The Tokyo Olympics is currently being watched by families all across the globe, and some children may be inspired by the athletes and one day compete for their countries.

One little girl who may grow up to be an Olympian is a child who has recently gone viral on TikTok for adorably mimicking a pair in the women's synchronized diving event, with many online believing she may have found her calling.

In footage shared on the app by Itsmefambie, the child can be seen standing on the carpet in front of a flat screen TV that shows two Italian divers springing backwards off the board.

The little girl copies their movements, first holding her hands out sideways, before bouncing up and down and then flipping over.

Admittedly the child's take on backward somersaults is more leg-kicking than acrobatics, but it is a valiant attempt.

Itsmefambie captioned the post: "Future Olympian #2020olympics #olympicsdive #olympics2021."

The adorable clip, which can be watched here, has so far been viewed a whopping 3.5 million times and garnered more than 634,700 likes.

Many people rushed to the comments section to share their views on the footage.

One TikTok user, Mephisballa1976, joked: "It appears she didn't fully flip. Sorry, but she is getting a 1/10."

Another person, user308997180107, added: "Love how little girls get empowered by watching women's sport!!!"

Nappyboyaj wrote: "This is pure cute and awesome she gonna be one of the best just watch."

Leimomi Duja explained: "This was how I was as a child but my parents never had the resources to get me into one thing, its expensive.

"If you have the opportunity, get her into all of the things she wants to be and she will be a wonderful to the world one day. Poverty forced me into normalcy, let her dreams FLY!!"

Arey gushed: "Not me crying!!! A true Queen in the making."

Crosematoes commented: "She's got sponsors get her a coach. I'm excited to see her in the Olympics."

Ruby Rainn typed: "This is the most beautiful thing I've seen this morning!"

Another little girl also recently went viral, but this time for napping rather than athletics.

In a clip posted to TikTok by Noah Holstock we can see a small child and a French bulldog lying side by side on a sofa snoozing.

Holstock zooms in on the pair, who both have their heads back and eyes slightly open, before saying: "Good morning!"

The two then awake in unison with their eyes widening as they appear disorientated at their surroundings.

The funny video is captioned: "Dazed and confused #fyp #frenchbulldog." It has so far been viewed 4.8 million times.

Little girl watching TV
A file photo of a little girl. In a TikTok video another little girl can be seen copying the Olympic divers while watching TV. Getty Images