Living On $12,825 A Month

Caleigh Perelman, the country's reigning poor Little Rich Girl, just got a little poorer. Last week a New York state Supreme Court judge ruled that Caleigh's father, Revlon billionaire Ron Perelman, would have to fork over only $12,825 a month in child support. That's not exactly chump change, but it's a far cry from the $132,000 a month--a.k.a. $1.6 million a year--that Perelman's ex-wife Patricia Duff had asked for. Duff, who is worth about $24 million all by herself, had argued that she needed the Fort Knox-size support so that her daughter could afford $3,175 a month for clothes and $1,450 a month for restaurant dining, among other necessities. By the way, Caleigh is 4 years old. "The mother's argument assumes that only material things matter in the life of a child, and that if Caleigh is denied any imaginable luxury, she will be emotionally damaged," wrote Judge Franklin Weissberg. "This assumption is rubbish." To which Duff replied, "This has never been about money. It's just that I want what's best for my child." Especially if her ex pays for it.

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