'Living with Yourself' Ending Explained: What Happened at the End and What It Means for Season 2

Over eight episodes, Netflix's Living with Yourself tells the story of an unconventional love triangle between Miles (played by Paul Rudd), his wife Kate (Aisling Bea) and Miles' clone (also Paul Rudd). This plot comes to a head at the end of the season after a confrontation between the two Miles and a game-changing reveal from Kate that gives fans of the show an idea of what might happen if Netflix renews Living with Yourself for Season 2.

But first, a recap of what led to that final scene:

What happened at the end of Living with Yourself?

Note: For sake of clarity, we will refer to the original Miles as "Miles 1" and his clone as "Miles 2."

The finale begins with one of the Miles being dragged out of a van and into the breast-pumping room of a police station, where he is questioned about being a clone. This is the direct result of a tip-off to police Miles 1 made earlier in the season, where he tried to get Miles 2 out of his life by reporting the cloning facility masquerading as a spa.

After some very invasive polygraph questions, like whether he ever sodomised his first kiss, it is discovered that the lie detector is broken, leading the person we now know is Miles 1 to tell the police they can verify he is the original Miles because he has an appendectomy scar. However, before anyone is able to verify that, the case is shut down due to a lack of funding, down to a lack of prosecutions of clones—turns out they're very hard to spot, as any viewer of Living with Yourself who spent much of the season confused which Miles was which can attest.

living with yourself netflix
Paul Rudd at the end of "Living with Yourself". Netflix

Freed from the breast-pumping room (though not before sampling some breast milk and trying a pump on himself out of boredom), Miles 1 heads home to apologise to Kate. He does this, and the two seem to reconcile before she reveals she slept with Miles 2. Hearing this, Miles 1 decides to end this mess once and for all and kill his clone.

Flashing back, it turns out Miles 2 had the same plan to win back Kate, but Miles 1 had got there first, leading him to consider suicide after seeing Miles 1 and Kate perform the dance she earlier said to Miles 2 she couldn't remember.

Following this, the two Miles confront each other and fight, making more of a mess of the room than they do of each other (among the furniture casualties is the credenza that has felt almost like a supporting character in the show so far). However, eventually Miles 1 overpowers Miles 2 and tries to smother him with a pillow. He seems to be successful and Miles 2 seems to be dead. However, the guilt of what he has done hits Miles 1 and he is able to resuscitate his clone.

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The ending of "Living with Yourself" sees Kate announce to Miles and his clone that she is pregnant. Netflix

The two reconcile and make a pact to be better when Kate walks in with some news: She is pregnant, and what with their identical DNA, either Miles could be the father. The episode ends with them in a three-way hug.

If Netflix does give the show a second season (and they have not done so yet), then this seems to set up a plot that will see Kate and the two Miles trying to navigate life as an unconventional throuple, as they try and raise the child while dealing with all the emotions left unresolved in the first series of Living with Yourself. Call it "Two Clones and a Baby."

Living with Yourself is streaming now on Netflix.

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