Liz Cheney Warns Terrorist Groups Will Be 'Fed New Soldiers' as Taliban Unlock Jails

Republican lawmaker Liz Cheney warned Sunday that terrorist groups worldwide will be empowered as the Taliban releases prisoners in Afghanistan who are set to join the "war on terror."

"As we watch the Taliban release prisoners across Afghanistan, there's very real concern that there are not just fighters in those prisons who will join the battle in Afghanistan, but the terrorist groups globally will in fact be fed new soldiers in their war on terror from those prisons," Cheney said during an appearance on ABC's This Week.

The Afghan government released 5,000 Taliban prisoners to initiate peace talks in 2020, a decision President Ashraf Ghani later regretted, calling it a "big mistake" that empowered the insurgents.

The Taliban entered the outskirts of the capital Kabul Sunday after quickly taking control of most of the nation, while Ghani reportedly fled to Tajikistan.

.@RepLizCheney tells @jonkarl that Taliban advance in Afghanistan is “inexcusable” and “devastating.”

“It’s not just that people predicted that this would happen, everyone was warned that this would happen.”

— This Week (@ThisWeekABC) August 15, 2021

"What we're watching right now in Afghanistan is what happens when America withdraws from the world," Cheney added.

Cheney said the U.S. is surrendering Afghanistan to a "terrorist organization" that once housed Al-Qaeda, an "inexcusable" move that, according to her, will affect the role of the U.S. in the world.

On Twitter Sunday she wrote that the U.S. withdrawal isn't "ending endless wars" and that "our children and grandchildren will continue to fight this war at much higher costs."

On Saturday she tweeted, "The Trump/Biden calamity unfolding in Afghanistan began with the Trump administration negotiating with terrorists and pretending they were partners for peace, and is ending with American surrender as Biden abandons the country to our terrorist enemies."

During her appearance on This Week, she said that the Trump administration holds responsibility for "legitimizing the Taliban" and "telling the American people that the Taliban were a partner for peace."

 Liz Cheney weighs in on Afghanistan situation
Rep. Liz Cheney said Sunday that the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan will feed terrorist groups globally as the Taliban releases fighters from prisons. Above, insurgents in Laghman province on August 15. Photo by - / AFP) (Photo by -/AFP via Getty Images