Lizzo and Sarah Paulson Recreate Famous 'American Horror Story' Scene On TikTok

While many TikTok users have adopted Sarah Paulson's iconic American Horror Story soundbite on the platform, Lizzo has gone one further by recreating the scene with the actress herself.

The "Rumors" singer shared two videos alongside the AHS alum on Monday. The first saw them repeat the words with scared expressions on their faces, while in the second they looked stoic as they performed the bit.

Clearly unsure of which video clip she wanted to share, Lizzo posted both with the captions "this one?" and "or this one?"

Fans have since expressed their delight on social media, with one person commenting "unexpectedly needed this," and another dubbing the pair "the winners of this trend."

Some even suggested that fans create a petition for Paulson to get her own TikTok account, because her video with Lizzo was that good.

Although a number of viewers were delighted by the collaboration, a few accidentally confused Paulson for singer Adele.

One person said: "Adele and Cupcake Collaboration OMG! [sic]."

Another said that "Adele looks so good here omgg [sic]."

Those who got the actor and "Chasing Pavements" singer confused were promptly corrected by their peers.

This isn't the first time Paulson has been confused with Adele. Back in May last year, many fans commented on the pair's striking resemblance after the "Easy On Me" singer posted a birthday snap on Instagram.

Addressing the comparisons in a talk with EW Live, Paulson said: "I was on Twitter and I just happened to be scrolling through, and I saw that 'Sarah Paulson' was trending. I was like, 'Wait, what? Did I die? What happened?' And I was scrolling through it and I was like, 'Oh, it's the Adele thing again.'

"Listen, I'll take it. I mean, what I wish they were comparing was my talent to her talent and saying mine was as great as hers. Which, quite honestly, they can't say because no one's as talented and great as her, which is really irritating, but I'll take looking like her!"

The soundbite has been used over 300,000 times on the short-form video platform so far, with celebrities like Billie Eilish having also posted similar videos.

In the original AHS scene from "Asylum," Paulson's character Lana Winters screams "Help! He's escaping, the killer is escaping! Help me," because she believes that Evan Peters' Kit Walker is a killer.

On Wednesday, October 20, Paulson discussed the fact her line went viral in an Instagram live video with her AHS co-star Leslie Grossman.

She said: "Lizzo did one, I think Billie Eilish. They don't know it's me, they just know... they just know that there's some weird chick saying 'the killer is escaping.'

"I was doing one of my screams that all the kids like to tell me how horrible they are."

She added: "Let's see what you sound like when you're running for your life, kids. Let's see what sound comes out of you."

Lizzo and Sarah Paulson
Lizzo and Sarah Paulson have recreated the actor's iconic "American Horror Story" Season 2 scene that has become a viral hit on TikTok. Getty Images