Alex Jones and Logan Paul Joke About Spider Goat Conspiracy, Drink Vodka and Talk InfoWars Merch in Bizarre Podcast

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The odd thumbnail for the Impaulsive podcast YouTube via Impaulsive

Two worlds collided when YouTuber Logan Paul invited conspiracy theorist and InfoWars impresario Alex Jones onto his Impaulsive podcast. The two-hour conversation jumped all over the place, from questions about Jones' involvement in Sandy Hook denial to goats that have spider silk in their milk. Paul and his two co-hosts seemed unprepared to handle the unhinged Jones ,who wasn't afraid to be all over the place.

Jones and Paul both have controversial pasts that have resulted in their getting shunned by the internet. Paul sparked massive backlash after posting a video showing a dead body hanging from a tree in Japan's Aokigahara forest, colloquially known as "the suicide forest." Jones has been spreading lies and misinformation for decades, on InfoWars and his eponymous radio show, and was recently sued by the families of Sandy Hook shooting victims after claiming the event was a "false flag."

When co-host Mike Maljak said that a parent of a Sandy Hook victim offered him a sum worth "six figures" to punch Jones in the face, Jones proceeded to slam his own hand into his face multiple times and asked Maljak to punch him live. Throughout the broadcast, all three drank vodka, which they referred to as "water" out of a bottle with a tiny sweater cozy. At various points, Jones howled like a dog, screamed incoherently and defended his many notorious conspiracy theories, including PizzaGate (where some online believed in a mass pedophilia ring headed by the Democrats and stationed in a pizza resturant in Washington, D.C.)

When asked if Donald Trump was hiding anything, Jones could only answer "maybe how many chicks he's slept with." Jones couldn't believe Trump would ever treat a woman poorly because "he's super nice to chicks" and that Trump couldn't be racist "because he's had black girlfriends."

Paul has managed to build up an online following of devoted fans, many of whom are preteens, by creating irreverent Vines and vlogs. During the interview, Paul admits that he wasn't fact-checking what Jones was saying, but merely assuming everything he said was factual. Jones said he believes that the same young audience watches InfoWars too.

"I sign autographs for 12-year-olds all the time," Jones said.

Even after losing his Facebook, Twitter and most of his social media reach, Jones still finds a way to get in front of a large audience. In February, he visited the Joe Rogan podcast, where the pair rambled on for more than four hours. Paul grilled Jones more than Rogan did, but only for the first hour of the interview. He asked questions like "do you see your theories as dangerous" and "do you have a responsibility to your audience for what you say" but as the vodka flowed, it became harder to keep up with everything Jones was saying.

Most of Jones' money comes from items sold on his InfoWars store, like supplements, filters and other doomsday prepper materials. At one point, Paul asked, "At what point are you capitalizing on the people who believe in you and who look at you like a god?" Jones responded by saying, "I need to sell the product because they took my sponsors away. Everything I sell is top-rated." He then proceeded to ramble about the benefits of his products for the next 10 minutes.

While Paul is fond of describing himself as "questioning everything," it's clear from the comments section of the podcast that many viewers took Jones' dubious words at face value."I think I love this Alex Jones guy" wrote one user. "I don't agree with a lot of stuff Alex says, but he does have a lot of good points," wrote another.