YouTuber Logan Paul Responds to Faked Video Claims: 'I Will Rip Your Head Off'

One of the most polarizing YouTube creators has found himself embroiled in yet another controversy. Following his June 9 upload–which, as of Friday, has amassed more than 10 million views–Logan Paul is now facing claims that the video was faked.

The video in question is Paul's "The Slap That Changed My Life..." where the 24-year-old slaps a man who goes by the Instagram handle @SlapforCash completely unconscious.

Leading up to the moment that is now being called into question, Paul was training to take part in Russia's underground slap contest. From training in the gym to requesting to be slapped by his employees, the YouTuber took the final step in his training to slap a man who identifies himself as the "Slap Master."

After one hit by Paul, @SlapforCash goes completely unconscious and subsequently forgets everything that happened.

Following the video's publishing, @slapforcash appeared in a video published to his Instagram Thursday, sparking claims that everything was staged.

"You all have seen the recent video, where I 'fell down,' @slapforcash states. "What man falls frontward after getting hit? I was OK with helping [Paul] get out of the recent Russian slap contest, I was alright with even falling on the ground. I'm not alright with how they reacted."

"I did not call them, they called me to help them out," he continued. "So hey, man, you're trying to make me look bad–let's go in the boxing ring and see what happens ... you don't wanna go there."

Upon seeing the Slap Master's recent video, Paul created a video of his own via Twitter, clearly fuming from the claims.

"F***ing moron. I'm addressing the video that just came out, made by the guy who I knocked out when I slapped him," Paul said Thursday. "He made a video saying the slap was not real–this boils my blood."

part 2

— Logan Paul (@LoganPaul) June 20, 2019

"The dude is lying through the skin of his teeth and I think anyone with a brain who watches the video can see that he changes his story every five minutes," the YouTube personality continued.

Paul went on to explain how he paid the Slap Master $300 to fly out and critique his slapping techniques: "There was no agreement on what to do or how to react."

"He had already been paid," the 24-year-old said. "His payment was to come here, be in the doc, get the clout."

"One of the first things he said to me [after I slapped him] was, 'You can't post this video, I'm the Slap Master,'" Paul added. "So, congratu-f***in'-lations bro, you're getting the notoriety, fame, clout, recognition that you wanted ... you got it, bro. You win, but I promise this will not end well for you."

"I'm disgusted that you would do this, after everything I've been through," the YouTuber continued. "The slap doc is not fake, you did not have to fall down to get paid."

The 24-year-old went on to claim that there is an hour worth of audio of the Slap Master being "completely disoriented."

"I didn't want to release [the footage] ...but at this point, I'm going b***s deep so we are probably going to make a full-on mini-doc about this," Paul added, chuckling. "I wanna box him ... so, please brother, come to L.A. and I will rip your head off."

Logan Paul
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