Lindsay Lohan Bought the Beach in Mykonos Where Ex-Fiancé Egor Tarabasov Attacked Her

Lohan's Beach Club premiered on Tuesday night on MTV and while fans were able to watch the 32-year-old boss around attractive "ambassadors," an emotional fact about her beach club was revealed.

The location of Lindsay Lohan's day-beach club in Mykonos happens to be on the same beach where she was attacked by ex-fiancé Egor Tarabasov in 2016—but that was by no mistake.

"I was in a very tumultuous relationship," Lohan admitted to the camera. "I was in a different place in my life. Instead of crying and getting angry, I said, 'I'm going to own this beach one day.' Because I always want everyone to feel safe ... I made it something that is meaningful to me."

"She wanted to remember this beach as a very fun place—not what happened to her," her friend Panos Spentzos added.

Twitter users showed their support for the 32-year-old.

Omg!! Lindsay Lohan’s ex beat her on the beach her beach club is built on. She said “One day I’m going to own this beach” bc she wanted to remember it as a positive place and make a safe place for everyone. SHE HAS MADE HER COMEBACK #LohanBeachClub

— Mr. High Maintenance (@HausOfRodney) January 9, 2019

The actress was celebrating her 30th birthday on the Mediterranean beach when her then 23-year-old fiancé thrashed her around to retrieve his phone. The fight, which was caught on camera, occurred after Lohan threw Tarabasov's phone out of their parked Jeep. When Lohan got out of the car to retrieve the phone from the sand, her then-fiancé grabbed her from behind and twisted her arm.

The 2016 incident was not the first time Lohan and the Russian business mogul made headlines.

The same year as the Mykonos fight, video shot by Lohan's neighbor surfaced of the actress trying to escape her home where Tarabasov allegedly strangled and "almost killed her." In the video, published by the Sun, Lohan is seen on the balcony of her Knightsbridge apartment.

"No Egor you've been strangling me constantly," Lohan is heard saying in the video. "You can't strangle a woman constantly and beat the shit out of her and think it's OK. Everybody saw you touch me. It's filmed. Get out! Get out!"

Police did respond to a "woman in distress" call that night, but the house turned up empty. No arrests or charges were made.

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