Lonely Island Tweets Mysterious Teaser For Netflix Visual Poem Dropping at Midnight

Lonely Island
Jeff Kravitz/ Getty Images

The popular comedic pop and rap music group The Lonely Island tweeted out a mysterious video on Wednesday. Their tweet hinted that fans might see some new Lonely Island content on Netflix in the immediate future.

The video displayed a logo that read "A Lonely Island Visual Poem," with a curious synth-like arrangement playing in the background. Their tweet was captioned with "Midnight @Netflix," leading many to believe the video is a teaser for Lonely Island Netflix content set to debut tonight, when the streaming platform updates at midnight PST.

Fans who have responded to the tweet widely appear unsure what to expect from the "visual poem," but are certainly excited. The biggest concern seems to be if the new content will be available worldwide.

The Lonely Island is a sketch and musical comedy group consisting of Akiva Schaffer, Andy Samberg and Jorma Taccone. They got their start by creating a series called The 'Bu for Channel 101, a monthly serialized film festival. Following the success of 'The Bu, the whole group was hired to write for Saturday Night Live in 2005. Andy Samberg had the added role of being a featured player on the weekly sketch comedy show.

During their tenure on SNL, the group created many comedic music videos for the show like the raunchy classics, "Dick In A Box" and "Jizz in My Pants." They're also the minds behind SNL's humorous earworms like "I'm on a Boat," which featured T-Pain on a boat, and "Jack Sparrow." Their musical content garnered the group a massive mainstream following, allowing them to produce albums without SNL's branding. The Lonely Island is currently touring the East Coast with their tunes.

All three members of The Lonely Island have since left SNL. Of the three, Samberg has developed the most public career. Most notably, Samberg has starred on the NBC(formerly Fox) show Brooklyn Nine-Nine as NYPD Detective Jake Peralta since 2013. Schaffer and Taccone have both continued performer, but have gained far more recognition for their writing and directing work. Taccone recently directed two episodes of TBS' Miracle Workers. Schaffer was recently hired as the director of a live-action reboot of Disney's Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers.

The trio often reunites for larger projects like the 2016 musical mockumentary, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. They've also been seen working with Netflix fairly frequently prior to the teased Lonely Island Visual Poem. They assisted in the production of 2017's Michael Bolton's Big, Sexy Valentine's Day Special and recently produced the streaming service's sketch show, I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson. We'll possibly find out what this latest tease leads to when Netflix updates at midnight tonight. According to a tweet by Late Night host, Seth Myers the project is quite good. Myers stated that he's seen the project and is excited for the general populace to witness the Lonely Island's latest work.

Lonely Island Tweets Mysterious Teaser For Netflix Visual Poem Dropping at Midnight | Culture