Man Meets His Three Sisters for the First Time in Wholesome Video

A man's first time meeting his three sisters has gone viral, after his daughter captured the heart-warming moment.

Alana Johnston's dad had never met his father, and was unaware he also had three sisters for his whole life, until his daughter discovered their long-lost family on The site maps out family trees using available records, and can be used as a source to find and connect relatives.

"My dad never knew his father. He also never knew he had three amazing sisters. This is the very first time they met. I found them through We all flew to see him. You would never know they just met. The love is deep," she wrote on-screen.

The video shared by Johnston documented the very moment the siblings met each other to the sound of "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri. The four hugged in the heartfelt scene, with viewers dubbing it "the best hug I've ever seen."

Adding a lighter touch to the situation however, was the novelty mustaches the sisters decided to sport at the meeting, matching with Johnston's dad's real one.

"The mustaches were a great ice breaker and I loved that they did that," noted Johnston in a comment. "They do look alike and even act alike too," she added.


First hug ever.Siblings.Life is beautiful.Love is infinite.Our family grew.#fypシ #ancestry #siblings

♬ A Thousand Years - Christina Perri

In a follow-up video, Johnston explained that the video was a positive moment and "just what the world needs," as she thanked viewers: "Thank You for all the sweet comments i have received about my dad meeting his sisters for the first time, it really was such a tender and beautiful moment and i just feel like the world needs more sweet stories that move our hearts and make us feel warm and fuzzy inside so i hope that you enjoyed it and thank you for all the sweet comments."

"Our family has continued to bloom and blossom and grow with new aunts and new cousins. So new and exciting and we just adore each other. It's just a beautiful story," she added.

With over 1.5 million views in the day since it was uploaded, TikTok users have flooded the comments making a seemingly positivity-only zone.

"That wasn't a hug....that was the final puzzle piece sliding into place. This is amazing, thank you for sharing this," commented one TikTok user.

"Well at least he knows it's legit. They look exactly the same!" wrote one user.

Newsweek contacted Alana Johnston for comment.

Two elderly people embracing
Two elderly people embracing. A man has united with his sisters in a viral video of them hugging. Getty Images. Getty Images