Longest Hallway in America Taller Than Golden Gate Bridge Goes Viral: 'Love the Commute'

A female officer worker has regaled the internet with a glimpse down what is said to be the "longest hallway in America."

In a post shared to Reddit, the woman, writing as herekittyx, revealed she works in a building that also happens to be home to the record-breaking corridor.

As proof, she provided pictures of a plaque explaining that the corridor measures an impressive 907 feet. For comparison, the sign noted that the Statue of Liberty is 305 feet tall, the Gateway Arch is 630 feet and the Golden Gate Bridge stands at 746 feet in height.

According to the original poster, the building in question is the Boca Raton Innovation Campus (BRIC) in Florida and the plaque was only just installed.

"When I Googled the longest hallway in America, it says it's at MIT and the length of that one is 825ft," she said. The hallway she is referring to is known colloquially as the "Infinite Corridor" and runs through the main buildings of MIT.

However, the BRIC hallway outstrips that number by 82 feet.

Alongside a picture of the plaque, herekittyx also shared a snapshot of the seemingly never-ending hallway itself.

That was enough to send Reddit into meltdown. At the time of writing, the post had been upvoted over 70,000 times, with people running wild with ideas in the comments section.

Many imagined what it would be like to give some unfortunate soul directions. "Yeah, it's just down the hall," Belfastboi420 quipped. "It's the hundred and forty second door on the right," OutOfBorder added.

Others like thenuggetscale were busy asking the questions that mattered: "Please tell me you have an annual office chair race?" To which Mitochondria420 retorted: "They did, three years ago. Waiting for it to finish."

TV fans even got in on the gag with a few neat references to The West Wing and the show's penchant for having characters engage in deep discussion while walking along corridors.

"Nobody tell Aaron Sorkin about this or we're going to have the longest walking conversation scene ever," MrVisible wrote. Boethius agreed: "Yeah The West Wing would have been three hours long with this kind of hallway."

The gags flew thick and fast, with chazwhiz quipping: "Gotta love the commute," while KnightFenris joked it was: "Perfect for my heelys."

There was a hint of jealousy to GetOffMyGrassBrats' comment though, which read: "Man, some people have all the luck. I work at home. My hall is only 12 feet long."

Papajohnny118 proved to be something of a party pooper though, acknowledging that while it was "impressive," the Guinness Book of World Records said "the longest corridor is in the Summer Palace in Beijing and runs for 728 m (2388 ft)."

Newsweek has contacted herekittyx for comment.

Based in South Florida, the BRIC spans 1.7 million square feet and is spread across 123 acres, making it the largest office complex in the state. It was first developed in the late 1960s by architect Marcel Breuer and originally served as a research and development campus for IBM.

In 2018, it was purchased by CP Group in a $170 million deal and has since been redeveloped into an office space. Newsweek has contacted CP Group for comment.

In June 2021, a man went viral after transforming an old warehouse into a spectacular "dream" office.

A corridor and the Golden Gate Bridge.
Stock images of a corridor and the Golden Gate Bridge - a picture of America's longest corridor has gone viral on Reddit. minddream/zhudifeng/Getty

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