'Look Both Ways' Netflix Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, and More

It won't be too long until the new film Look Both Ways hits streaming giant Netflix.

Starring Riverdale's Lili Reinhart, Look Both Ways tells the story of Natalie, who finds herself living two parallel lives following the night of her college graduation.

In one universe, Natalie never leaves her hometown, and in the other, she moves her entire life to Los Angeles.

Look Both Ways marks Reinhart's lead role in a movie, and fans of the 25-year-old actress cannot wait until Look Both Ways lands on Netlfix.

Newsweek has everything you need to know about Look Both Ways, including release date, cast, trailer, plot, and more.

When is Look Both Ways out on Netflix?

There is not too long to wait until Look Both Ways hits screens.

Look Both Ways will premiere on Netflix worldwide on Friday, August 17.

To watch Look Both Ways, you must be a Netflix customer.

You can sign up to Netflix now for $7.99/£10.99 per month.

What is Look Both Ways on Netflix about?

In Look Both Ways on Netflix, Lili Reinhart's Natalie asks the question: 'What if things had turned out differently?'

After graduating from college, Natalie has a few grown-up decisions to make. But when her life splits down the middle into two parallel realities, she does not even have the choice.

In one universe, Natalie falls pregnant and remains in her hometown, never leaving. In the other universe, she moves to Los Angeles to pursue her dream job of becoming an artist.

look both ways lili reinhart
(L to R) Danny Ramirez as Gabe, Lili Reinhart as Natalie, Andrea Savage as Tina, and Luke Wilson as Rick in 'Look Both Ways.' Netflix

In both words, Natalie experiences similar things such as love, self-exploration, and fear but in entirely different circumstances. So if she had the option, what future would she choose?

Who is in the cast of Look Both Ways on Netflix?

Lili Reinhart leads the cast of Look Both Ways on Netflix as Natalie, a college graduate whose results of a pregnancy test split her life in two.

Reinhart is best known for her role as Betty Cooper in Riverdale and Annabelle in Hustlers.

Joining Reinhart are The Royal Tenenbaums star Luke Wilson and I'm Sorry's Andrea Savage as Natalie's parents.

The Bold Type's Aisha Dee plays Natalie's best friend in Look Both Ways.

We Own This City's David Corenswet and Assassination Nation's Danny Ramirez star as parallel love interests. In Look Both Ways, Ramirez stars as Gabe, a close friend of Natalie's who is the potential father of her child. Corenswet plays the role of Jake, a super attractive actor who she meets in L.A.

Taylor Murphy (Everybody Wants Some!!) and Nia Long (Big Momma's House) also feature in Look Both Ways.

David Corenswet look both ways
Lili Reinhart as Natalie and David Corenswet as Jake in 'Look Both Ways.' Netflix

Is there a trailer for Look Both Ways on Netflix?

Yes, there is an intriguing new trailer for Look Both Ways on Netflix, introducing audiences to the two worlds of Natalie.

The trailer begins with Natalie taking two pregnancy tests on the night of her graduation. Instead of finding out the results of them, Natalie's life splits into two and she gets to experience what her life would be like in a positive pregnancy test result and negative pregnancy test result world.

As the trailer progresses, Natalie is seen juggling life as a single mother in her hometown of Austin as she tries to also pursue her career.

In the other world, Natalie has moved to L.A. to chase her dreams. There, she also meets a super attractive actor who she hits it off with straight away.

Look Both Ways is coming to Netflix on Friday, August 17.